Former Israeli premier urges world leaders to shun Netanyahu

Israel's former prime minister on Thursday urged world leaders to shun Israel's current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as he presses ahead with a plan to overhaul the country's justice system. The United States and Germany, two of Israel's closest allies, called on Netanyahu to slow down.

US seeing more unprofessional behavior from Russian aircraft in Syria, CENTCOM general says

Army Gen. Michael Kurilla told senators on Thursday that the Russian air force’s “unprofessional and unsafe” conduct in Syria is not new but has grown in frequency since March 1.

ISIS in Afghanistan capable of foreign attacks in 6 months, CENTCOM commander says

Army Gen. Michael Kurilla told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Islamic State’s Khorasan Province, commonly referred to as ISIS-K, is rapidly developing the ability to conduct “external operations” in Europe and Asia.

UN nuclear watchdog: 2.5 tons of uranium missing in Libya

Some 2.5 tons of natural uranium stored in a site in war-torn Libya have gone missing, the United Nations nuclear watchdog said Thursday, raising safety and proliferation concerns.

With Saudi deals, US, China aim for influence in Middle East

Riyadh signed a Chinese-facilitated deal aimed at restoring diplomatic ties with its arch-nemesis Iran and then announced a massive contract to buy commercial planes from U.S. manufacturer Boeing.

Airman charged with 2022 insider attack on US base in Syria found not guilty of all charges

Tech. Sgt. David D. Dezwaan had faced charges of dereliction of duty, destroying military property, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault after military officials accused him of being involved in an April 2022 bombing at Syria’s Green Village base.

Scholz voices concern on Israel overhaul as Netanyahu visits

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz voiced concern about the Israeli government's planned overhaul of the country's judicial system as he hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, offering praise for efforts by Israel's president to seek a "broad basic consensus."

Palestinians: 4 killed in Israeli army raid in West Bank

An Israeli army raid killed four Palestinians, including a teenage boy, near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Thursday, Palestinian officials said.

Pakistan court again halts police action against Imran Khan

A Pakistan court has suspended any further police action against former Prime Minister Imran Khan until Friday, after two days of violent clashes outside his home prevented security officials from arresting him.

Iraq War went from US invasion to ongoing invitation for Iran, analysts say

Iran, which had fought a protracted and bloody war against Iraq, is now deeply enmeshed in its neighbor’s politics and economy, analysts and Iraqi journalists said.

At least 5 killed in mysterious helicopter crash in Iraq’s north

The Iraqi government, the U.S-led coalition and Turkey had been contacted by the Iraqi Kurdish regional government about the crash, but each party denied the helicopter was theirs, the statement said.

Renewed Saudi-Iranian ties, brokered by China, force new calculations in Mideast

The surprise announcement of a resumption of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, thanks to a deal brokered by Beijing, underscores regional governments’ interest in a de-escalation of tensions — and China’s willingness to wield its economic clout to achieve it.

UN says intense diplomacy underway to end 8-year Yemen war

The U.N. special envoy for Yemen said that intense diplomatic efforts are underway to end the eight-year war in Yemen. He cited new regional and international momentum, including the recent restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, who back rivals in the conflict.

Iran says 110 arrested over suspected schoolgirl poisonings

Iran police said Wednesday that 110 suspects have been arrested in connection with the suspected poisoning of thousands of girls in schools across the country.

Syria rebuilding hopes dim as war enters year 13

As Syria's conflict enters its 13th year Wednesday, President Bashar Assad's government still refuses to make concessions to his domestic opponents, rejecting long-standing demands by the United States and its allies as a political solution remains elusive.

Floods kill 14 in Turkey’s earthquake-battered provinces

Floods caused by torrential rains hit two provinces in Turkey that were devastated by last month's catastrophic earthquake, killing at least 14 people and increasing the misery for thousands who were left homeless.

China, Russia, Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman

Naval forces from China, Iran and Russia — countries at odds with the United States — are staging joint drills in the Gulf of Oman this week, China's Defense Ministry said.

Afghans evacuated by US kept in miserable conditions in UAE, rights group says

A human rights group is calling on the U.S. to help more than 2,000 Afghan asylum seekers being held in what it calls “prison-like conditions” in the United Arab Emirates.

More clashes in Pakistan as police try to arrest Imran Khan

Clashes between Pakistan's police and supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan persisted for a second day outside his home in the eastern city of Lahore on Wednesday, a day after officers went to arrest him for failing to appear in court on graft charges.