Climate migrants flee Iraq's parched rural south, but cities offer no refuge
In a world that fears rising temperatures, southern Iraq is the future as farmers and fishermen abandon their livelihoods and head to cramped cities.
Vietnam and Afghanistan: America’s two longest wars, with very different lasting impacts
Vietnam and Afghanistan were America’s two longest wars. Yet despite a number of similarities, including mistakes made and disastrous denouements that spelled defeat for the U.S., each conflict had entirely different impacts on U.S. society, culture and politics.
US says latest Iranian nuclear response is 'not constructive'
Prospects for reviving the Iran nuclear deal appeared to take a step backward Thursday as the Biden administration said Tehran's latest proposals, submitted through the European Union, were "not constructive."
Biden administration to refocus Afghan resettlement efforts in US
The Biden administration announced it would refocus its efforts to resettle vulnerable Afghans in the United States, emphasizing existing immigration pathways in a new long-term operation dubbed "Operation Enduring Welcome."
The 'Maya Angelou of Iraq,' a refugee living in South Jersey, publishes a powerful memoir
She’s been described as “the Maya Angelou of Iraq.” In 2010, Faleeha Hassan’s success forced her to leave her homeland and most of the people she dearly loved. She learned that year that her name was on a list of writers and artists marked for death by a militant group.
One year later, US to award commendations to military units involved in Afghanistan withdrawal 
All military units involved in the withdrawal and evacuation missions from Afghanistan last year will be awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation or its equivalent, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced Wednesday. 
The US killed him in error and vowed to help relatives leave Afghanistan. A year later, some are still stuck
The Pentagon acknowledged that its killing of 10 civilians — seven of them children — had been a mistake, a result of faulty intelligence that targeted Zemari Ahmadi as a terrorist rather than a longtime aid worker. None of the strike’s planners have been held accountable.
Reflection for those evacuated a year after US withdrawal from Afghanistan
Some interpreters who made it out of Afghanistan with help from the Marines they served with still find themselves in limbo now in the U.S.
Deadly floods are wreaking global havoc
The world has been swept by a series of deadly floods in recent weeks, destroying homes, inundating croplands, snarling mining operations and wreaking economic devastation.
One year later, Austin acknowledges lasting questions over Afghanistan war’s end 
One year after the last American troops left Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin acknowledged the questions some veterans still face about the chaotic evacuation and a failed war. 
Navy blocks Iranian effort to capture unmanned drone in Persian Gulf
The U.S. Navy's Mideast-based 5th Fleet says Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard seized and later let go of a U.S. sea drone in the Persian Gulf.
Iran sends first shipment of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine
Russian cargo planes have quietly picked up the first of scores of Iranian-made combat drones for use against Ukraine in a move that underscores deepening ties between Moscow and Tehran.
'I want to leave more than ever': A year after US pullout, Kabul is a city in despair
A year after the Taliban's stunningly swift takeover and the U.S.-backed government's disintegration, Kabul, the Afghan capital, is a city bereft of economic spark, safety and hope.
They escaped Afghanistan, but war’s struggles followed them
About 94,000 Afghan nationals, U.S. citizens and permanent residents were evacuated from Afghanistan during Operation Allies Welcome. The journey from their home country is one marked by hardship and the need for swift adjustment — as well as hope for their futures.
A year later, communities find ways to honor 13 service members killed in Kabul airport bombing
Most of 13 U.S. service members killed in last year’s Kabul airport bombing were based at Camp Pendleton, but they came from all over America, from small towns and suburbs. And that’s where the sorrow and the pride linger, one year later.
10 years after his abduction, search for Texas journalist Austin Tice continues
Friends and family of Austin Tice face a grim milestone this month: It’s been 10 years since the Houston native and freelance journalist was reported abducted in Syria, an anniversary that coincided with his 41st birthday.
Afghan evacuees are being crushed by grief. A Philly agency is trying to help
A year after the fall of Kabul touched off the largest evacuation since the Vietnam War, many Afghan arrivals struggle for peace of mind. One woman in Philadelphia says she can’t think because of worry for her 18-year-old son who is being starved and tortured by the Taliban.
US, Iran and Europe inch toward a nuclear deal. But is anyone happy?
Coaxed by European allies, the Biden administration and Iran are crawling toward reviving the landmark nuclear accord that would delay Tehran’s building of a bomb, but obstacles still threaten to send everyone home empty-handed.
US aircraft, artillery pound militants in Syria after rocket attack
U.S. forces struck back with airstrikes and artillery, killing at least four Iranian-backed militants in response to rocket attacks in Syria that injured three Americans.