Pakistani policeman, 2 gunmen killed in shootout in capital
Two gunmen opened fire at police officers manning a roadside checkpoint in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, on Monday night, triggering a shootout that killed an officer and both assailants, police said.
Taliban ask China for help in getting international recognition
The U.S., its allies and even Russia and China have yet to recognize the Taliban government due to concerns over continued links with terrorism as well as human rights abuses and banning girls’ education. Some of the Taliban’s cabinet members are blacklisted under U.S. and U.N. sanctions.
Israel study: 4th vaccine shows limited results with omicron
An Israeli hospital on Monday said preliminary research indicates a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine provides only limited defense against the omicron variant that is raging around the world.
Palestinian family protests east Jerusalem home eviction
Several residents of a home in Sheikh Jarrah climbed onto the roof of the building with gas tanks and threatened to set them alight should the Jerusalem municipality follow through with the eviction. They came down from the roof late Monday after Israeli police and work crews appeared to have backed off.
Twin earthquakes in western Afghanistan kill at least 22
Two earthquakes rattled Afghanistan's western Badghis province along the border with Turkmenistan on Monday afternoon, killing at least 22 people, a local official said.
Dismantling some specious Afghanistan narratives
Since Feb. 29, 2020, when the agreement for the withdrawal of U.S./NATO troops from Afghanistan was signed, and most notably since the fall of Kabul, a host of specious narratives have emerged. Despite the lack of evidence to support certain narratives, they manage to take hold among those whose interests are aligned with the agendas furthered by those narratives.
Drone attack in Abu Dhabi claimed by Yemen’s rebels kills 3
U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Andrew Clark, the Al-Dhafra Air Base commander for American forces, said in a statement to The Associated Press that "no incidents" affected the nearby base amid the attack.
Jordanian officer dead after Syria border clash with gunmen
A Jordanian military website said Capt. Muhammad Yassin Musa al-Khudayrat was killed and three others were injured when a group of smugglers opened fire on border guards.
South Korean president visits UAE, showcasing deep ties
The president of South Korea on Sunday reportedly reached a preliminary multibillion-dollar deal to sell Seoul's surface-to-air missiles to Abu Dhabi and pledged deeper cooperation with the Gulf Arab federation.
Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon
Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers say they hope to be able to open all schools for girls across the country after late March, their spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday, offering the first timeline for addressing a key demand of the international community.