‘Blood will be on his hands’: Biden must order evacuation of Afghan allies, lawmakers say
Two Army veterans who serve on the House Armed Services Committee delivered a stark message Wednesday to President Joe Biden: act now to evacuate thousands of Afghan interpreters and their families who worked with U.S. personnel or there will be consequences.
Schumer, White House back repeal of Iraq War authorization
The White House and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are endorsing efforts to terminate the 2002 authorization of military force against Iraq, a step that supporters say is necessary to constrain presidential war powers even though it is unlikely to affect U.S. military operations around the world.
Israeli airstrikes target Gaza sites, first since cease-fire
Israeli airstrikes hit militant sites in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday and Palestinians responded by sending a series of fire-carrying balloons back across the border for a second straight day — further testing a fragile cease-fire that ended last month's war between Israel and Hamas.
Israel to halt nighttime ‘mapping’ of Palestinian homes
The Israeli military says it is reining in a controversial practice of conducting late-night raids of Palestinian homes in the West Bank aimed at gathering information about the houses and their inhabitants.
German woman convicted of joining Islamic State, holding Yazidi slaves
A German-Algerian woman was convicted Wednesday of membership in the Islamic State group and of holding Yazidi women as slaves in Syria after she traveled there as a teenager. She was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison.
Lebanon's crisis threatens one of its few unifiers, the army
Since the civil war, through wars with Israel, militant bombings and domestic turmoil, Lebanese have considered their military as an anchor for stability, one of the only institutions standing above the country's divisions. But the military is now threatened by Lebanon's devastating financial collapse.
Attacks target polio teams in east Afghanistan, five killed
Gunmen on Tuesday targeted an anti-polio drive in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least five members of two vaccination teams in separate attacks, officials said.
UAE-backed Yemen leader says his troops at island air base
A militia leader and nephew of Yemen’s late strongman president has acknowledged that his Emirati-backed troops are stationed on an island in a crucial maritime chokepoint where a mysterious air base is now under construction.
Poll finds dramatic rise in Palestinian support for Hamas
A new poll released Tuesday finds a dramatic surge in Palestinian support for Hamas following last month’s Gaza war, with around three quarters viewing the Islamic militants as victors in a battle against Israel to defend Jerusalem and its holy sites.
Arab League backs calls for UN intervention in dam dispute
Arab foreign ministers Tuesday backed calls for the United Nations Security Council to intervene in the contentious case of Ethiopia’s massive dam, built on one of the main tributaries of the Nile River.