Amid Turkey election, a Syrian man's killing stokes fear among refugees

After a campaign marked by anti-immigrant appeals, Syrian refugees worry their fate is on the ballot when Turks go the polls in Sunday’s runoff election.

Britain loses its luster for job seekers from Poland to Portugal

The shift in economic fortunes has added to the upheaval in Britain’s labor market since the pandemic and the decision to exit the E.U.

Europe's economic engine is breaking down

Germany is at risk of a long, slow decline - with consequences for the whole of the European Union.

Miles-long trains are blocking first responders when every minute counts

Nationwide, longer and longer trains are obstructing rural intersections, preventing paramedics from getting to emergencies, including a baby who died after his mom waited and waited.

Parachuting with a purpose: BASE jumping to raise funds for brain injury research

BASE jumpers plan to complete 22 jumps apiece Saturday off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls to bring attention to the scourge of traumatic brain injuries. The number is symbolic for the estimated average number of U.S. servicemembers and veterans who take their own lives each day.

‘One of the most honorable things you can do’: How a Marine vet’s remains were brought home from Ukraine

The search for Marine Corps veteran Grady Kurpasi had gone cold until former Army paratrooper Meaghan Mobbs stepped into a safe house in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Regulators take aim at AI to protect consumers and workers

As concerns grow over increasingly powerful artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT, the nation's financial watchdog says it's working to ensure that companies follow the law when they're using AI.

50 years after end of US military involvement in Vietnam, veterans reflect on life, losses

America's military involvement in the Vietnam War ended 50 years ago this year, but the legacy of and respect for those who served continues to grow.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii commander hands over the reins

At a Thursday ceremony on the edge of Kaneohe Bay, outgoing Marine Corps Base Hawaii commander Col. Speros Koumparakis handed over the reins to his successor, Col. Jeremy Beaven.

'You are ready': Austin lauds 2023 Naval Academy class for persevering through challenging 4 years

Most demanding among the challenges the graduating Naval Academy cadets faced was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which derailed the end of their plebe year, delaying Sea Trials, Herndon Climb and other traditions saved for first-year midshipmen.

Boebert dismisses antisemitism push as effort to target conservatives

The White House announces a campaign against antisemitism. Rep. Lauren Boebert says it’s a way to “go after conservatives.”

FBI files reveal 1983 threat to kill Queen Elizabeth II during US visit

The 102 pages of FBI files reveal threats linked to Queen Elizabeth II’s visits to the U.S., including the 1983 visit where she was hosted by Ronald Reagan.

Hopkins doctor testifies at trial for her and her spouse; authorities allege they conspired to assist Russia

The government on Thursday finished presenting its evidence against Dr. Anna Gabrielian and her spouse Dr. Jamie Lee Henry, an Army veteran. The court saw five hours of video captured by the covert camera of an undercover FBI agent who met with Gabrielian and Henry under the guise of being a Russian official.

Russian court data: US journalist Evan Gershkovich appeals extension of detention on spying charges

Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich has appealed a three-month extention of his detention on espionage charges, a Russian court data website indicated Friday.

Oath Keeper who stormed Capitol gets more than 8 years in prison in latest Jan. 6 sentencing

An Army veteran who stormed the U.S. Capitol in a military-style formation with fellow members of the Oath Keepers was sentenced Friday to more than eight years in prison, a day after the far-right extremist group's founder received an 18-year prison term in the Jan. 6, 2021 attack.

Serbia puts troop on high alert on border with Kosovo following clashes

Serbia put its troops on the border with Kosovo on the highest state of alert Friday following clashes between ethnic Serbs and Kosovo police that left more than a dozen injured on both sides.

Belarus upholds 8-year prison for journalist of newspaper serving country's Polish minority

Belarus' Supreme Court on Friday upheld an eight-year prison sentence handed to a prominent journalist working for an influential newspaper serving the country's sizeable Polish minority.

‘Hidden heroes’: For families with disabled veterans, caregivers can be a lifeline

According to the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, there are more than 5.5 million spouses and children serving as a caregiver to their disabled military veteran. Betsy Eves, a fellow for the foundation, said most loved ones find themselves stepping into the role of a caregiver “out of necessity.”

For blind Naval Academy midshipman, an outlook on graduation unlike any other

Although Alberto Destarac, 23, is not being commissioned to serve in the U.S. military, given long-standing policies disallowing blind Americans, he will receive his degree and become, as far as he knows, the academy's first blind graduate.