North Korea slams US for supporting Taiwan in nod to ally China
North Korea on Saturday accused the Biden administration of raising military tensions with China through its “reckless” backing of Taiwan, and said that the growing U.S. military presence in the region constitutes a potential threat to the North
US military says it killed al-Qaida leader in drone strike
The killing of Abdul Hamid al-Matar will disrupt al-Qaida’s “ability to further plot and carry out global attacks,” a spokesman for U.S. Central Command said
Army hits record low for training deaths for second year in a row
Fatal training accidents in the Army hit a record low in 2021 with service officials crediting safety campaigns timed at statistically more dangerous training periods. However, off-duty accidents rose 20% from the previous year and remained the top cause of death among soldiers.
Bosnian Serb police drill seen as separatist 'provocation'
Bosnia's Serb police on Friday held an "anti-terrorist" drill just outside the capital Sarajevo, in a move seen by many as another provocation by the Serb separatist leadership.
Harris to travel to Paris next month for talks with Macron
Vice President Kamala Harris will head next month to Paris for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, according to the White House.
Russian, Tajik troops hold joint drills near Afghan border
Russian and Tajik troops conducted joint drills Friday near Tajikistan's border with Afghanistan, as part of efforts to prepare for possible security threats issuing from Afghanistan.
Giuliani associate convicted of campaign finance crimes
A New York jury convicted a former associate of Rudy Giuliani on Friday of charges that he made illegal campaign contributions to influence U.S. politicians and advance his business interests.
Justice Department to expand redlining investigation efforts
The Justice Department announced Friday a cross-government effort to investigate and prosecute redlining, the practice of banks discriminating against racial minorities or certain neighborhoods. It is the first major expansion of redlining investigations since the Obama administration.
Lawmakers alarmed by hunger in US military families
The Senate Appropriations Committee, in a report this week accompanying its new Defense spending bill, expressed concern over reports of thousands of military families suffering from hunger.