States bracing for confusion about coronavirus booster rollout
The two federal agencies that determine who should get a booster — the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — are not expected to issue decisions until later this week.
US eases virus restrictions for foreign flights to America
President Joe Biden will ease foreign travel restrictions into the U.S. beginning in November, when his administration will require all foreign nationals flying into the country to be fully vaccinated.
Pro-Kremlin party retains large majority in parliament
The results indicated there would be almost no opposition voices in the Duma at all, with three other parties that usually toe the Kremlin line set to take many of the remaining seats.
'Hotel Rwanda' hero sentenced to 25 years on terror charges
Paul Rusesabagina was accused of supporting the armed wing of his opposition political platform, Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change.
France apologizes to Algerians who fought for colonizers
Only in 1999 did France officially admit that the eight-year combat that ended 132 years of French rule in Algeria was a war. The true number of Algerians who died in the war and its aftermath is unknown, as many were never identified.
Poland sending 500 more troops to insulate Belarus border
Poland and Lithuania are building razor wire fences, have increased border patrols and have introduced a temporary state of emergency along their borders to stop illegal migration.
Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine works in kids ages 5 to 11
Earlier this month, FDA chief Dr. Peter Marks told the AP that once Pfizer turns over its study results, his agency would evaluate the data "hopefully in a matter of weeks" to decide if the shots are safe and effective enough for younger kids.
Army planning for robots to identify dangerous animals and bacteria before soldiers enter caves
A $14 million Army Corps of Engineers project includes plans for advanced sensors onboard unmanned vehicles that can navigate subterranean conditions.
Kosovo deploys police, Serbs protest amid border tension
European Commission spokesman Peter Stano urged both Kosovo and Serbia to "immediately, without any delay" exercise restraint and refrain from unilateral actions.
Tokyo coronavirus numbers lowest since June; US military in Japan reports one new case
One US military base in Japan reported one new case of COVID-19, the coronavirus respiratory disease, since Friday.