FBI takes Rep. Scott Perry's phone as part of fake-elector investigation
Federal agents seized the cellphone of Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., while he was traveling with his family Tuesday, executing a court-authorized search warrant that a person familiar with the situation said was part of a criminal probe into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.
Paul Rinn, Navy captain who saved a warship from sinking, dies at 75
Paul X. Rinn, a Vietnam War veteran and ship captain who in 1988 led a desperate effort to save a U.S. Navy vessel from sinking after it struck an Iranian mine, died Aug. 3. He was 75.
Blinken concerned over detention of Congo opposition figure
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday said he was "concerned" about reports of the detention of an opposition political leader in Congo.
Antarctica's 'sleeping giant' risks melting, threatens spike in sea levels
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet could add up to 16 feet to sea levels in the long term if Paris climate accord targets aren’t met, according to a new study.
At least one photo found for every veteran honored on Vietnam memorial
At least one photo has been found of each of the more than 58,000 service members listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Soldier's assault suit against officers can proceed to trial
 A federal judge says a U.S. Army lieutenant can go to trial against police officers in Virginia whose traffic stop drew national attention and outrage.
Two weeks of chaos: A timeline of the US pullout of Afghanistan
One year ago, the fall of Kabul to the Taliban stunned the world. Afghans fled to the airport in droves. A suicide bombing killed nearly 200 people. The departure of U.S. forces just days later brought an eerie quiet as the country grappled with its new reality.
Wildfire that burned 500 acres reignites at military training area in Germany
Crews at the German-American Baumholder military training area were battling another blaze Wednesday after extinguishing a 500-acre wildfire the day before.
How the COVID-19 economy triggered soaring costs at this dream home
Like a structure that withstands rain, snow, wind and hail, one couple’s home has been bombarded by every twist and turn in the pandemic economy. Labor shortages. Housing price run-ups. Supply chain snarls. Manufacturing problems. Inflation.
Biden, trying to tout his policies, faces a familiar intruder: Trump
Even on a good week, President Joe Biden finds he must constantly compete for attention with a predecessor who never really left the public consciousness.
Saudi Arabia's $10 billion pledge to Egypt delivers first deals
A unit of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund scooped up state-owned stakes in four Egyptian publicly listed companies for $1.3 billion.
Russian journalist detained, charged over war criticism
Russian authorities have detained and charged a former state TV journalist who quit after staging an on-air protest against Moscow's war in Ukraine.
WHO asks people not to attack monkeys over monkeypox
Monkeypox transmission “is happening between humans,” a World Health Organization official said, adding that people should “certainly not be attacking any animals.”
Woman who posed as Marine veteran with cancer admits $250K fraud
Sarah Jane Cavanaugh, 31, was charged by federal authorities with falsifying military service records, identity theft, forgery, false use of military medals and wire fraud.
US adds new, more cooperative Africa strategy to changes affecting continent
Top priorities for the command include countering terrorism, strengthening relationships with allies and partners and checking Chinese and Russian interference as part of the National Defense Strategy.
In the Ukraine war, a battle for the nation's mineral and energy wealth
Russia’s occupation of eastern Ukraine has given it control over some of the most mineral-rich lands in Europe.
Crimea airfield blast was work of Ukrainian special forces, official says
The attack marked a dramatic escalation of the war, demonstrating Ukrainian forces’ ability to strike farther behind Russian lines than previously believed.
Big Tech tried to quash Russian propaganda. Russia found loopholes.
Russian propaganda and anti-Ukrainian hate continues to spread on global social media platforms nearly six months into the war, even as those platforms have taken an array of measures to limit it.
Seoul dismisses Beijing's concerns over anti-missile system
South Korea's government stressed Wednesday it will make its own decisions in strengthening its defenses against North Korean threats, rejecting Chinese calls that it continue the polices of Seoul's previous government that refrained from adding more U.S. anti-missile batteries that are strongly opposed by Beijing.