How many Hard Rock Cafe’s have you been to, and where?

At least 12. Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Heidelberg. Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam. One close to Niagara Falls in Canada. Foxwoods, Connecticut. Seoul, South Korea. Hawaii. I’ve hit every one around here. I’m a traveling guy. This could be my one chance to see Europe.

How many theoretically could you go to?

Theoretically … I don’t know. There are small ones that aren’t listed (on the corporate Web site. Like in Nuremberg. We found one in Frankfurt by accident. Let’s see, I haven’t been to Spain. I haven’t been to Denmark. So, I’ve seen all the ones except in Spain and Denmark.

Why Hard Rock Café? You’re not getting a promotional fee, are you?

No (laughing). Going to the Hard Rock is like going back to the States. I went to my first one (in Europe) in Berlin. They have a traveling wait staff (from the States) … and you’re always going to run into people who speak English there. It’s the stateside environment. The food is good. You meet a lot of people. Wherever American tourists are in any major city, they’re always in there. There’s American food. American music. It’s like taking a step back into the States.

So is it as fun going to the ones stateside?

I guess I already developed a taste for it. Though if I were in the States, it wouldn’t be as fun.

Anybody go with you?

Spc. Dan Freund and Sgt. Andy McGuire. We’re “The Tripod.”

Is the food really that good?

Yeah, it is. I always get the jumbo samplers. Onion rings. Egg rolls, chicken tenders. What I’ve noticed also … the best alcoholic beverage, not that I get drunk or anything, is the Long Island Iced Tea. By far, theirs is the best Long Island I’ve had anywhere. That’s at every Hard Rock I’ve been to. They also have American beer on tap.

Do you really see the rock star memorabilia? Stuff like that?

I don’t know how they get it all. (The memorabilia) actually travels between different Hard Rocks. It’s always different stuff. At all the major ones, the cool thing is they have TV screens all over playing music videos from a satellite feed. If you’re in the Hard Rock Café in Berlin, or you’re in the Hard Rock Café in D.C., you’re watching the same feed.

So, do you meet any girls at these places?

Plenty! This girl came up to us in Paris and asks to borrow the ketchup. It turns out that her friends were in Paris from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas. They were there, and they just hung out with us. I could show you the photos, but a couple of them would get me in trouble.

Where did you be spend New Year’s Eve?

Hard Rock Café, Paris.

Interview by Terry Boyd.

Spc. Robert Weaver

Age: 23

Unit: 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Baumholder

Hometown: Newport, R.I.

Claim to fame: Hard Rock Café super freak.

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