Rebecca Foreman wants you to believe. She wrote and released a book this summer that deals with the existence of dragons in the real world. Now working on a sequel, Foreman also runs a paranormal Web site that deals with all arcane aspects of the unknown.

So you’ve recently released “Journey for Truth: Unleashing the Dragon.” Tell me about this book.

I’ve always been interested in dragons. I told one of my friends, she said it sounded like a good idea and we wrote it. It’s pretty simple.

So what’s the story?

It’s contemporary fiction about a Ph.D. student who wants to do a dissertation on the existence of dragons. He travels to Nepal to find one. Someone’s trying to steal the dragon and kill him. The storyline is fiction, but the information about the dragons, the evolutionary line is all based on research.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Are you saying that you and others believe that dragons were once real?

We work backwards to include crocodiles, dinosaurs and birds. They all came from the same place. All those are mutant offshoots.

Whoa. Do you believe in dragons?

I think so. Every single culture we’ve studied has always had stories about them. They all have a dragon in it. People don’t have enough imagination to make all this up on their own.

When are they believed to have been around?

There were reports of them flying around in the 1600s and the 1800s. There are records.

You also run a Web site, Tell me about that.

Finessing is to use something to your benefit. The demons I talk about are things that are unknown, the fears we have. The Web site also deals a lot with paranormal activity. It doesn’t show a point of view, it’s just information.

My ex-girlfriend used to occasionally get what I called “dragon breath.” Is that fair to dragons?

Yeah. From what we’ve found, yeah. It’s methane in their mouths, so that’s a pretty scary thought. That means something crawled into her mouth and died.

She didn’t like it much when I said that. Yeah.

Rebecca Foreman

Location: Stuttgart, Germany (originally from West Virginia)

Title: Fiction writer; purveyor of

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