So, Sofa King. That’s quite the witty name. How’d you guys come up with that?

You won’t be able to print this, but ... (Note to reader: Huff explains how the name comes from a joke and a line from the Radiohead song “Creep”). We just had to take the “Special” off and let people try and get it. Germans don’t get it at all. They’re like, “Couch Potato?”

Any one song in particular that stands out above the rest as a favorite with people?

“Good Enough.” Definitely. Even if they don’t know the name of the song, they’re like, “Play the punch ’em in the face song.”

I’ve caught myself humming and singing that, and my wife’s like, “What are you talking about?” I tell her, “You’ve got to listen to it. You’ve got to listen to it.” What was the inspiration for that?

You know, the song wasn’t even intended to be that way. It was intended to be a nostalgic kind of happy song, but our bass player had written what’s now the chorus. He had written it to a totally different tune and melody. We hadn’t used it for anything. I was like, “Dude, write that down. I think we might be able to put that in this song.” And it fit. We kind of tailored the second verse to the meaning of the chorus.

What musical influences would you say Sofa King has? We talking Barry Manilow? Elton John?

Well, not so much. A lot of Southern rock. Obviously, Tool has been a big influence on us, too. The way they write and different time signatures. Even going back to King Crimson. They pretty much started the odd time signature music. We’ve tried to draw from everything from Southern rock to blues to punk. You name it. All the songs on the demo sound different.

So you guys are closing out the night (on Saturday at the World Cup U.S. vs. Italy viewing party on Pulaski Park)?

Right after the game, we start up.

So you’re not exactly the family band, huh? Why do you say that?

We don’t believe in editing our music or anybody’s we’re covering, for that matter, to please a certain crowd. We’ve gotten some good and bad comments because of that, but mostly good. They usually put us at later time slots. So when all the kids go home and are tucked safely in their beds, we can sing songs about ...

Nonetheless, still the crowd pleasers, I assume?

Oh yeah.

Funniest stage story you guys got? Craziest thing you seen somebody do besides wear flip-flops to one of your concerts?

There’s one guys who comes to all of our shows religiously, and he has managed to bleed at everyone of our shows. At our last Irish House show, he came up point blank and said, “I’ve seen you guys ‘x’ amount of times, five times or whatever, and I’ve bled at everyone of your shows. I expect to be bleeding from some orifice — whether God made or man-made — before this show is over.” I was just like, “Whoa.” I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. That’s probably the craziest thing.

Interview by Steve Mraz.

Nate Huff

Age: 27

Title: Former soldier, now lead singer of the rock band Sofa King

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