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And how many albums do you have?

I have a collection of more than 2,000 albums.

Any really rare or valuable ones?

I have the original Lynyrd Skynyrd album, you know, before the re-issue, with the flames on it. I also have "Sticky Fingers" (by the Rolling Stones) with the original cover with the zipper on it.

Do you ever bust any of them out and listen to them?

Oh, no. Not at all. I have all the music on CD. I don’t listen to them. I take very good care of them. I do take them out every once in a while and look at them.

How do you keep them all organized?

Every time I get a new one, I give it a number.

So they’re all in the order in which you bought them?

Yeah. At first I didn’t know what to do. I had all these records, but should I put Crosby, Stills and Nash before Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? I suppose that was the librarian in me, to solve my dilemma with all my records.

I suppose back in the day you used to listen to them, right?

Of course. Back in school (at the University of Pittsburgh) I was the coolest girl the boys had ever met because of my record collection. They couldn’t understand why I [majored in] library science, and neither could I.

Speaking of library science, didn’t Bamberg just three-peat as best midsized library in the Army?

Yes we did. I’m overwhelmed. I found out a couple weeks ago. They’re sending me to Baltimore to pick up the award.

Are you going to keep on with the winning ways this year?

Well, we’re going to keep trying to raise the bar, but it’s not about winning anything, it’s about the community. I do have some nutty ideas for new programs already. I want people to know there’s a lot more here than just a library. An award is a win-win situation for everyone.

Well, congratulations. Going back to the music, do you have a favorite album?

Oh, I do. I can’t believe I can’t think of it. It’s a 1972 double album by the Rolling Stones. (The album is "Exile on Main Street").

And you mentioned you dated a concert promoter for a while?

Yes, I did.

So I suppose that means you’ve met quite a few interesting people?

I met Jon Bon Jovi before Bon Jovi. I’ve met Tom Petty, Carlos Santana, Joe Jackson, Steven Van Zandt.

Do you have a favorite person you’ve met?

I had a lot of fun when we were touring with Joe Jackson. I’ve had a lot of fun meeting a lot of people. I’ve led a very interesting life.

Karen Lazzeri

Day job: Library manager, Warner Barracks in Bamberg, Germany

Claim to fame: Twenty Record collector

Interview conducted by Mark St.Clair. Know someone whose accomplishments, talents, job, hobby, volunteer work, awards or good deeds qualify them for 15 minutes of fame? How about someone whose claim to glory is a bit out of the ordinary — even, dare we say, oddball? Send the person’s name and contact information to:

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