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How did you get to sell jewelry?

I’m working here since 2001. My uncle asked me if I wanted to come here. I also went to 16 months of schools to get certification to sell jewelry.

What kind of jewelry really catches your eye?

I like actually everything, everything I have here to sell. Jewelry is something special. Do you know how many people ask to work here, selling jewelry? We also do a lot by hand, special orders. I’m a silver person, but I don’t wear much jewelry. I’m allergic to sterling silver.

What’s popular and what’s not these days at the jewelry counter?

The herringbone chains are not as popular. But in six months, it will sell better. Right now people go more with the sterling silver stuff.

So a person comes in and considers buying a piece of jewelry that’s just not right for them. I mean ugly. Do you let them know?

The customer has to like it first, not me. If they ask me, I tell them my mind. I have to.

Why do people buy jewelry?

The young boys want the flashy jewelry. The hip-hop is much in. Some people just really like jewelry, and that’s why they buy it, every two weeks or every two months.

Are there differences between German and American jewelry tastes?

The Germans like to spend more for the eight karat stuff. Over here, you can find more pearls and stuff. The Americans are not really for the pearls.

Can any man pull off a pinky ring, or does it take someone with an extra bit of panache?

The pinky rings are the ones that go the most. It depends on the type of person.

Can I get away with rocking an iced-out chain and a platinum pendant with “Tha Streets is a Mutha” written in diamonds?

I do not think this is your taste.

Interview by Geoff Ziezulewicz.

Fatih Tecer

Age: 26

Title: Jewelry stand vendor

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