How did you get into theater and entertainment?

I lived on one of the mainstream movie ranches in Los Angeles. I went to high school with a bunch of actors’ kids and we did big-theater productions when I was in grammar school and got on the — again — the fast track to doing theater. So I auditioned and got an agent and did more and did more and just trained with all the best.

So you worked with “Knight Rider” and “The A-Team?”

I grew up with them.

What was that like?

It was cool at the time. Because now they’re starting to come back in, but it’s an age-group thing. Because nobody — except for the over-30s — know what the impact was at the time. But it was like waking up in the morning and who was there? It was cool.

So, what types of things did you do?

I did a lot of kid work. I was a kid on a lot of the shows. I did most of the horse riding stuff that were either for small women or children. I can do anything on a horse, really.

So you essentially had Mr. T and Knight Rider in your backyard all the time?

In my backyard all of the time. David Hasselhoff was there. He was very nice. … He was a very nice man. Mr. T was not a very nice man. He was not nice at all. He was not friendly at all. He was difficult.

So how many TV shows actually did some sort of filming?

Hundreds. Lots. It was the spot. It had 720 acres surrounding and then 360 working acres in the center. And exterior of that was national forest. ... It was in “The Golden Child” with Eddie Murphy. That’s the best picture of the house, if you watch “The Golden Child.” You come up on it and see it. …

How did you start the cabaret shows?

I had this cabaret show I was involved in. It was a millennium show. It’s a traditional cabaret with six girls. That’s what we did then. And I was like, “You know, I could take this on the road and we could do this and do it up a little bit.”

You want to take it to Iraq?

Yeah, we want to go to Iraq. Anytime. We’ll go anywhere for the audience, for the military.

You certainly have the radio voice. Is that something you developed or just born with it?

Well, there is two reasons I think that I have a big voice. Number one, I think, because it was trained. Singing and opera singing and all of that makes you have more awareness of how you use your voice. But, also, my mom is — she’s almost — deaf. She wears hearing aids. So she’s always taking credit for my big voice. She said that I had to be loud in order for her to hear me.

Interview by Scott Schonauer.

Cynthia Susanne

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