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Nadean Alvarado came in third in her class last year in the U.S. Forces Europe Bodybuilding Championship in Grafenwöhr, Germany — about six months after she started seriously working out. Nine months later, in July, she took gold in her second competition.

So what the heck is a figure competition?Figure is just basically a beauty pageant with muscles.

That’s awesome. So what do you bench?You know, I really don’t bench press much, but I do it with the dumbbells. I can press up to 55 pounds in each hand.

Wow, 110 pounds: That’s pretty good. And just for reference, how much do you weigh?113.

And how much of that is solid steel?(Flexing) Most of it. I work very hard.

I guess so. Can you beat up your husband?We’ll find out when he comes home from Iraq.

What made you get into this to begin with?When I started I weighed 102 pounds. My trainer had told me I had potential, I just needed to work at it. When I started training for my first show I liked the challenge. I liked having something to look forward to and then seeing the end results.

Do you ever just pig out?When I’m in training, no, I don’t. I want to, but I don’t. But off season, I do eat what I want, but just in portions.

What would you rather do — lose your right hand or gain 100 pounds?Lose my right hand. I’ve been heavy. I used to weigh 190 pounds. I don’t want to go back.

Really? So how’d you get down to 102 from that?I got to a point where I said I was tired of wearing my husband’s clothes. And I wasn’t going to buy any feminine clothes until I lost all the weight I wanted to lose. So I just changed the way I was eating completely and I exercised every day, and it took me 10 months to lose all the weight. That was six years ago.

So this is just willpower?Yes. You have to want it. I always tell everybody you should never look at a picture or look at someone else and say ‘I want to look like them,’ because genetically we can’t look like each other. You should just try and be the best that you can be for yourself.

Do you think you could knock me out with one punch?I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to. I’d get in trouble. There are too many witnesses.

Nadean AlvaradoAge: 34Title:Figure champion and personal trainer

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