Karate Tech, a style of martial arts created by Jorge Ordonio and taught to children in the Kaiserslautern area, is a combination of different types of martial arts and self-defense techniques. Jakob, whose father, Staff Sgt. Hans Pugh, works at Kapaun Air Station, received the black belt on Aug. 11 at Ramstein Air Base. It typically take three years for someone to earn a black belt in Karate Tech, members say. Jakob will be in third grade this fall.

At what age did you start karate?I think I started at 5.

Why did you want to get involved in karate?Because I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle.

You’re a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?Yes, especially Leonardo.

Why is Leonardo your favorite turtle?Because he’s the leader of the turtles besides Master Splinter … and he has two swords.

What is it about karate that you like so much?I just like helping Master Jorge and like knowing how to defend myself. And teaching.

What types of things do you do when you practice?Those weapons (pointing to a table of weapons including a fake gun, knife and various nunchucks). Every day one of those weapons and sometimes some forms (a sequence of movements used to help build self- defense techniques) and sometimes self-defense.

Do you think other kids your age could do what you do? Do you think it’s good for kids your age to participate in karate?Yeah.

Why do you think it’s good?’Cause it helps you learn a lot of stuff. And helps you learn how to defend yourself. Like if you’re walking down the street from your school and walking home and if someone tries to grab you, you can defend yourself.

Have you ever had to use karate in a real situation?No, not yet. ’Cause I don’t walk home by myself yet.

Have you ever had to break a piece of wood with your bare hands?No.

Do you think you could do that?No.

That’s pretty tough, huh? What is your favorite weapon?If I could do a sword form, that would be my favorite weapon. But right now my favorite weapon is doing my stick form.

And why is that your favorite?Because it’s learning how to defend yourself if you’re up against someone who has a stick. … It’s stick against stick. It’s just a form with a stick in your hand.

When you get older, what would you like to do?I’d like to try haikido and try other martial arts.

What type of work would like to do when you grow up?I would like to join the Air Force and become a police officer.

When you’re not participating in karate, what do you do?I like going to my friend’s house, and playing with my sister and coloring pictures.

Jakob PughAge: 7Title: Karate Tech black beltDay job: The former airborne soldier is an information technology specialist for the 31st Services Squadron at Aviano Air Base, Italy

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