Israeli foreign minister visits Poland to restore ties

The foreign ministers of Israel and Poland hailed a meeting they had Wednesday as a breakthrough in restoring a relationship that has been badly damaged for years due to disagreements over how to remember Polish behavior during the Holocaust.

Prince William visits Poland to support ally helping Ukraine

Prince William traveled to Poland on Wednesday for a surprise visit that underscored Britain's support for a nation on the front line of efforts to help refugees displaced by Russia's war in Ukraine and to assist the Ukrainian military in fighting off the invasion.

Swedish lawmakers vote to endorse country joining NATO

Swedish lawmakers overwhelmingly voted Wednesday in favor of Sweden joining NATO, signing off on the country's membership along with the required legislation.

NATO countries spend more on defense, but few meet alliance’s target

The findings, included in NATO’s new annual report, showed that seven of 30 allies spent at least 2% of their gross domestic product on defense, down from eight in the previous year.

US transfers trio of Navy coastal patrol boats to Egypt following joint training

The vessels formerly known as USS Hurricane, USS Sirocco and USS Thunderbolt were handed to Egypt in Alexandria on Tuesday, deepening security ties between the two countries.

Ukraine: Russia hits apartments and dorm, killing civilians

Ukraine’s president posted a video Wednesday showing what he said was a Russian missile slamming into a city apartment building.

China's Xi, Japan's Kishida end visits to Russia and Ukraine

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has left Moscow, wrapping up a three-day visit, shortly after Japanese PM Fumio Kishida left Kyiv.

Ukrainian soldiers near finish of Patriot missile training

Spilling out of the sand-colored vehicles and quickly setting up the launchers were some of the 65 Ukrainian soldiers who have been training at the installation since January on how to use the Patriot missile system to track and shoot down enemy aircraft. 

US switches tracks to speed up delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, arrival expected in the fall

The Defense Department is speeding up plans to send the U.S. military’s most sophisticated battle tank to Ukraine as the country braces itself for an expected increase in Russian attacks in the coming weeks, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

US Army stakes out permanent presence in Poland with ‘Camp K’

The decision to set up a permanent base in Poland amounts to a milestone for the U.S. military in the former Eastern Bloc, where American troops since the end of the Cold War have maintained a lighter, mobile presence.

Ukraine, Russia trade claims after blast rocks Crimean town

Russian and Ukrainian officials on Tuesday gave conflicting accounts of what appeared to be a brazen attack on Russian cruise missiles being transported by train in the occupied Ukrainian Crimean Peninsula.

NATO to hold Ukraine meeting despite Hungary's objections

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday that he would call a high-level meeting of the military organization's main forum for cooperation with Ukraine next month despite objections from Hungary.

Japan's PM offers Ukraine support as China's Xi backs Russia

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made a surprise visit Tuesday to Kyiv, engaging in dueling diplomacy with Asian rival President Xi Jinping of China, who met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin to promote Beijing's peace proposal for Ukraine that Western nations have all but dismissed as a non-starter.

A ‘marriage of convenience’ for Russia and China amid the Ukraine war, or more?

Xi’s three-day visit to Moscow is the clearest symbol yet of the deepening ties between two countries that have had a history of fraught relations but that are now finding common cause in directly challenging the U.S. and the West.

Russia targets Nobel Peace Prize rights group with raids

Russian authorities on Tuesday raided the homes and offices of multiple human rights advocates and historians with the prominent rights group Memorial that won the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

Putin hosts Xi in the Kremlin with imperial palace pageantry

After hosting Chinese leader Xi Jinping over a seven-course private dinner for 4½ hours the previous night, Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted him in the old imperial palace for talks involving top officials from both countries.

Images show Chinese-funded construction at Cambodian naval base is progressing rapidly

Construction efforts are rapidly moving forward on a Cambodian naval base that US officials say will secretly host Chinese forces, according to a British news site.

Ukraine hints it hit Russian missiles in occupied Crimea

Ukraine's military intelligence agency reported what appeared to be a brazen attack late Monday on Russian cruise missiles being transported by train in the occupied and illegally annexed Ukrainian Crimean Peninsula.