Turkish missiles used in Syria include Europe-produced parts
Commercial brakes produced by a Dutch company to be used in ambulances in Turkey have instead ended up in missiles used by Turkey in attacks in northeastern Syria.
Former Nazi camp secretary voices regret, seeks acquittal
Lawyers for a 97-year-old former secretary to the SS commander of Nazi Germany's Stutthof concentration camp asked Tuesday for their client to be acquitted, arguing that she didn't know about the atrocities committed at the camp located in what is now northern Poland.
Airlines see 2023 profit as US growth offsets China barriers
The airline industry is set to achieve its first post-pandemic profit next year, as a travel rebound in the U.S. offsets the impact of ongoing COVID-19 curbs in China, the International Air Transport Association predicted.
Suspect silent after knife attack on girls that killed one
The morning attack on the two girls as they were walking to catch a bus to school caused widespread shock and anger in Germany and Turkey, where the older girl had family roots.
Millions of barrels of oil are caught up in a Turkish traffic jam
Oil tankers hauling millions of barrels of Kazakh crude are being prevented from leaving the Black Sea to reach global markets following a move by Turkey to insist on proof they're properly insured.
EU delays Hungary funding decision to focus on Ukraine aid, global tax
The European Union's standoff with Hungary deepened as a dispute over the fate of $14 billion of funding for Budapest scuppered attempts to push through crucial aid for Ukraine and a global minimum corporate tax.
Russian mercenaries accused of using violence to corner diamond trade
Individuals linked to the Wagner Group have set up a shell company in the Central African Republic (CAR) to secure and sell diamonds, say researchers from two groups, France-based All Eyes on Wagner and the London-based Dossier Center.
Turkey says Finland must end arms embargo to join NATO
Turkey’s foreign minister says Finland must publicly declare that it’s lifting an arms embargo on Turkey to win Ankara’s approval for its membership into NATO.
Ukraine leader defiant as drone strikes hit Russia again
Drones struck inside Russia's border with Ukraine Tuesday in the second day of attacks exposing the vulnerability of some of Moscow's important military sites, observers said.
First delivery of S. Korean heavy weapons comes to Poland
Polish President Andrzej Duda and the country's defense minister took delivery of a first shipment of tanks and howitzers from South Korea.
Support slipping for indefinite US aid to Ukraine, poll finds
As the conflict drags into winter, Americans are divided over whether Washington should push Ukraine to reach a negotiated peace as soon as possible.
Ukraine war pushes Poland to train civilians as soldiers for a military mighty enough to challenge Russia
The Polish Ministry of National Defense’s new “Train with the Army” project is an initiative born out of the anxiety over the war in neighboring Ukraine. Weekend courses for thousands of Poles began in October and, due to popular demand, will continue into January.
She fled Russian occupation by boat. Minutes later, she was shot.
Nowhere feels safe along the Dnieper River. What was once a main draw of Kherson, Ukraine, has now become a front line — and a source of constant peril for those living on either side of it.
Support slipping for indefinite US aid to Ukraine, poll finds
As the conflict drags into winter, Americans are divided over whether Washington should push Ukraine to reach a negotiated peace as soon as possible.
US, EU agree to intensify talks on 'green subsidies' dispute
The dispute revolves around the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act offers about $375 billion in new and extended tax credits to help the the U.S. clean energy industry as well as buyers of qualifying electric vehicles made in North America.
ICC prosecutor opposes EU plan for special Ukraine tribunal
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Monday denounced a European Union proposal to create an U.N.-backed special tribunal to prosecute crimes in Ukraine, saying his court was capable of effectively dealing with war crimes committed there.
‘The Grinch is stealing Christmas’: Fewer gifts reaching US military overseas amid bewildering customs enforcement
U.S. Postal Service screening of parcels meant for service members overseas is driving an overwhelming number of complaints from military families about weekslong waits for holiday gifts, while other presents never arrive at all.
Russian oil price cap, EU ban aim to limit Kremlin war chest
Major Western measures to limit Russia's oil profits over the war in Ukraine took effect, bringing with them uncertainty about how much crude could be lost to the world and whether they will unleash the hoped-for hit to a Russian economy that has held up better than many expected under sanctions.
Finland kicks off national process in NATO accession
The government in Helsinki on Monday submitted the accession proposal to the parliament in a bid to ensure it can complete the process swiftly once the remaining ratifications are received.