French minister denounces ‘duplicity’ in US submarine deal
Tossing diplomatic niceties out the window, France's ambassador to Australia on Saturday described as a "huge mistake" the surprise cancellation of a multi-billion dollar submarine contract in favor of a U.S. deal.
Why the French are so furious at the Biden administration over a derailed submarine deal
The move to share sensitive nuclear-powered submarine technology with Australia, effectively canceled an earlier agreement in which Australia would have purchased 12 French diesel-powered submarines. The French diplomatic response has been unusual in its public bluntness.
Navy releases names of 2 Naval Air Station Sigonella sailors killed in Sicily crash
Raquel Amanda Johnson and Darica Shunte Lashae Slaughter died Sept. 12 in Sicily, according to NAS Sigonella.
France recalls ambassadors to US, Australia over sub deal
Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a written statement on Friday that Wednesday's announcement of Australia's submarine deal with the U.S. is "unacceptable behavior between allies and partners."
Apple, Google remove opposition app as Russian voting begins
Facing Kremlin pressure, Apple and Google on Friday removed an opposition-created smartphone app that tells voters which candidates are likely to defeat those backed by Russian authorities, as polls opened for three days of balloting in Russia's parliamentary election.
‘We delivered in the tent’: Air Force and Army team up to help pregnant evacuees at US bases in Germany
The conditions in the tent near the flight line as temperatures dipped into the 40s clearly weren’t ideal for giving birth. But there wasn’t time to get the Afghan woman in labor to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, about 15-30 minutes away. “So we delivered in the tent,” said the Air Force doctor at the scene.
French, US submariners seek to reconfirm ties with Norfolk visit, barbeque
The first time the French Navy ventured into Hampton Roads, it turned the tide of the American Revolution. The visit of the submarine Améthyste at Naval Station Norfolk is somewhat more relaxed.
Army unit uses high-altitude balloons for first time to coordinate rocket attack in Norway exercise
American troops used the skies over Andoya in northern Norway for a novel test of a balloon system launched from the ground to between 60,000 and 72,000 feet above sea level, said Maj. Joe Bush, 41st Field Artillery Brigade spokesman.
USAA can no longer open overseas accounts ‘due to foreign banking requirements’
For the past year, USAA has been unable to open new accounts overseas or change existing ones because it holds no foreign banking license, according to the company.
Austin: Nuclear sub pact with Australia to deter China’s ‘destabilizing’ acts in Indo-Pacific region
Top diplomats and military leaders for the United States and Australia on Thursday discussed the “increasingly contested security environment” in the Indo-Pacific region, where China has worked to assert its growing military power, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, after a hourslong meeting at the State Department.