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So why did you guys decide that this was something you wanted to do — grow your hair long, then get it chopped? Jessica: My grandmother did it. She had really long hair. She cut it shorter than mine.Jason: I was growing out my hair … and my mom was e-mailing my grandma saying I had long hair. And my grandma brought [Locks of Love] up and I said, “Sure, why not?” I just went with it and after it grew 12 inches, I cut it.Jessica: I thought if Jason does it then it would be a good idea if I do it. This is a new style for me. I’ve always had long hair. And my Grandma did it, so why not?

How long did it take you to grow it that long? Jason: A year and a half.

What did your friends think about it? I’m guessing most of the other boys don’t have shoulder length hair? Jason: When I moved here people thought I was, like, a girl at first. And every time I’d go somewhere new, like when my brother had wrestling meets, people would see us (Jason and Jessica) and they’d be like, “You have two wonderful ... um..?” Then I finally got to cut it.

How long did your hair get? Jessica: It was down to my waist.

How does it feel to know your helping someone in need? Jessica: I feel kind of great doing it.

What was your favorite part about having long hair? Jason: I don’t know. When I skate and it blows back. It felt kind of cool.

Did the girls like it? Jason: Uh, yeah.

So, is this something you will do again? Jessica: Yeah, I think so.

How about you? Jason: Hmm. I don’t know.

Interview by John Vandiver. Know someone whose accomplishments, talents, job, hobby, volunteer work, awards or good deeds qualify them for 15 minutes of fame? How about someone whose claim to glory is a bit out of the ordinary — even, dare we say, oddball? Send the person’s name and contact information to:

Names: Jason and Jessica RichardsonAges: Jason: 12; Jessica: 10Charity: Locks of LoveSchool: Wetzel Elementary School in Buamholder, GermanyBackground: It was a long time without a haircut for Jason and Jessica. Back in June, the brother and sister decided the time had finally come for a trim. For more than a year, they had skipped barber shop and hairdresser appointments. They grew their hair for “Locks of Love,” a Lake Worth, Fla.-based nonprofit organization that helps children who suffer from hair loss caused by medical problems.

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