Tropical Depression 19W (Chanthu), #38 FINAL

Chanthu forecast to die out southeast of Tokyo, brings to an end what at one time was the strongest tropical system in the world this year.

Tropical Depression 16W (Omais), # 30 FINAL

Omais continues weakening as it approaches Korea, Joint Typhoon Warning Center issues its final warning.

Tropical Storm 13W (Lupit), # 26 FINAL

Misawa Air Base resumes TCCOR All Clear as Tropical Storm Lupit continues moving out of the area.

Tropical Depression 12W, # 5

Final warning issued on Tropical Depression 12W late Tuesday evening.

Tropical Depression 11W (Nepartak), # 18 FINAL

Nepartak makes its way across northern Honshu, forecast to dissipate over the Sea of Japan on Thursday. Misawa Air Base remains in TCCOR Storm Watch.

Typhoon 09W (In-fa), # 42 FINAL

U.S. bases on Okinawa resumed seasonal TCCOR 4 at 6 a.m. Sunday with Typhoon In-fa scurrying northwest toward China.

95W Invest: Tropical cyclone formation alert canceled

Joint Typhoon Warning Center cancels tropical cyclone formation alert on disturbance 95W Invest.

Tropical Storm 06W (Champi), # 10 FINAL

Champi continues to weaken, remains forecast to pass well southeast of Tokyo-Kanto Plain.

Tropical Depression 04W (Choi-wan), # 21 FINAL

Choi-wan is downgraded to a tropical depression once more, rain remains forecast for Okinawa through mid-week.

Typhoon 02W (Surigae), # 28 FINAL

Surigae barely clinging to Category 1-equivalent status, U.S. bases on Okinawa remain in TCCOR Storm Watch as Surigae passes south-southeast of the island.

Tropical Cyclone 26W (Seroja), # 1

Tropical Cyclone Seroja causes flooding in remote east Indonesia islands, East Timor, before heading southwest toward Australia; more than 70 dead, dozens missing.

Tropical Cyclone 23P (Niran), # 1

Niran peaks as a Category 5-equivalent severe cyclone east of Australia overnight Friday, lashes New Caledonia with 115-mph winds and 144-mph gusts Saturday.

Heavy rain and severe winds lash Okinawa

Winds forecast to peak at over 50 mph Thursday evening, between 2 to 4 inches of rain forecast for Okinawa due to a sub-tropical low.

TCCOR All Clear issued Jan. 1 for Okinawa

All Clear signals the end of the tropical cyclone season for Okinawa; Guam remains in TCCOR 4 year round.

Fiji pounded by another tropical cyclone

Ana caused flooding in Nadi and Suva on Fiji’s western main island of Viti Levu, nearly two months after Yasa devastated the islands.

'Bomb cyclone' assails Northern Pacific, affects Japan

A powerful storm labeled “one of strongest ever” to affect north Pacific lashes Alaska with 83-mph gusts on Shemya Island; could bring “multiple feet” of snow to western Honshu.

Tropical Storm 22W (Goni), # 11 FINAL

Goni exits Luzon into South China Sea, TCWS 1 remains raised for southwestern areas of Luzon.

Tropical Storm 14W (Dolphin), # 12 FINAL

Kanto bases enter TCCOR All Clear; Tropical Storm Dolphin forecast to dissipate east of Tokyo.

Tropical Storm 11W (Haishen), # 46 FINAL

Haishen downgraded to tropical storm, final JTWC warning issued as Haishen moves north toward North Korea, China.