Typhoon 18W Noru FINAL

UPDATE 5: Noru back over open water, leaving trail of damage, flooding and power outages in its wake as it heads toward Vietnam.

Tropical Depression 17W Talas FINAL

UPDATE 7: Final warning issued for Talas, forecast to pass about 100 miles southeast of Yokosuka late Saturday evening. Thunderstorm advisories posted.

Tropical Depressions 17W, 18W, # 1

Two tropical depressions form in a span of about 12 hours in northwest Pacific; neither pose major typhoon-like threat to U.S. bases in Japan and Okinawa at the moment.

Tropical Storm 16W (Nanmadol), # 26 FINAL

Final warning issued for Tropical Storm Nanmadol, moving rapidly toward dissipation over northwest Pacific.

Typhoon # 12 (Hinnamnor), # 45 FINAL: So long, Hinnamnor

Daegu, Sasebo revert to TCCOR All Clear, Chinhae enters TCCOR 1-R as Hinnamnor exits Korean Peninsula into Sea of Japan.

Tropical Depression 09W (Meari), # 10 FINAL

Tokyo area deluged by heavy rain early Saturday evening; Yokosuka remains in TCCOR 3, Atsugi in TCCOR Storm Watch for now.

Record-breaking rain continues to pound Korea

Seoul’s Dongjak district sees 18 inches of rain Monday and Tuesday, at least nine dead with more rain forecast.

Tropical Depression 07W (Trases), # 9 FINAL

Final warning issued for Tropical Depression Trases, forecast to graze Korea’s coast, cross peninsula Tuesday.

Tropical Storm 05W (Aere), #20 FINAL

Aere strengthens into a tropical storm, forecast to dissipate east of Japan into the weekend.