Alliance of Myanmar ethnic groups claim capture of another big trade crossing at Chinese border

An alliance of armed ethnic minority groups that launched a surprise offensive last month against Myanmar’s military has seized a major trading gate on the country’s northeastern border with China, a spokesperson for one of the groups said.

South Korea, Japan and China agree to resume trilateral leaders’ summit, but without specific date

Meeting for the first time in about four years, the top diplomats from South Korea, Japan and China agreed to revive cooperation among the Asian neighbors and resume their leaders’ trilateral summit — but without a specific timing.

China calls US a ‘security risk creator’ after warship sails near contested islands 

Beijing claims the United States is pursuing a “hegemony” in the South China Sea after a Navy guided-missile destroyer steamed near a chain of islands there to dispute what it views as unlawful restrictions. 

Rescuers in India trying to evacuate 41 workers from a collapsed tunnel are delayed again

Rescue teams trying to reach 41 construction workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel in northern India for nearly two weeks stopped drilling again Friday after their boring machine hit a new metal obstruction in rock debris, further delaying efforts.

Top diplomats from Japan and China meet in South Korea ahead of 3-way regional talks

Top diplomats from Japan and China met for bilateral talks Saturday to try to resolve disputes including China’s ban on Japanese seafood, which has hit Japanese exporters.

Flight data recorder recovered from US Navy plane that overshot the runway near Honolulu

The flight data recorder of a large U.S. Navy plane that overshot a runway and ended up in the water near Honolulu this week has been recovered as the military continues to plan for the aircraft’s removal.

A soldier in Vietnam and a girl wrote letters. Decades later, they finally met.

Col. Ned Edward Felder was serving in Vietnam when he received a care package from a stranger. Alone in the midst of a war thousands of miles from his own home and family, the kindness felt enormous. This fall, the two pen pals finally met,

An Israeli-owned ship was targeted in suspected Iranian attack in Indian Ocean, US official tells AP

A container ship owned by an Israeli billionaire came under attack by a suspected Iranian drone in the Indian Ocean as Israel wages war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, an American defense official said Saturday.

Panama logjam could benefit Europe as US LNG cargoes avoid Asia

The congestion at Panama Canal could be to Europe’s benefit as US liquefied natural gas supplies will largely bypass Asia.

In the jungle with Myanmar’s oldest rebel group amid new threat to junta

Nearly three years after a military coup ousted Myanmar’s democratic government and triggered a civil war, ethnic rebels, camped out in the country’s mountains and jungles, are posing the biggest potential threat to the ruling junta.

Mideast wealth funds draw greater US scrutiny over China ties

Middle Eastern wealth funds are facing greater scrutiny on U.S. deals from the Biden administration, part of a broader pushback on entities perceived to have close ties with China

Dramatic week in Taiwan leaves pro-US candidate as frontrunner

After a week of dramatic twists and turns, Taiwan’s most pro-US candidate has a clearer path to victory in next year’s presidential election, in an outcome likely to frustrate Beijing.

Binance lapses let Hamas, ISIS, al-Qaida make Bitcoin trades

Binance Holdings Ltd. had such lax controls over cryptocurrency transactions on its exchange that terrorists, hackers and sanctions violators used it for years to move billions of dollars, US prosecutors said.

Marines from new rotational force kick off coastal defense drills in Indonesia

A Marine Corps rotational force is practicing coastal defense in Indonesia, the latest sign of strengthening ties between the United States and the nation bordering the contested South China Sea.

North Korea scraps peace accord, promises to send ‘more powerful’ military assets to border

North Korea has scrapped a peace agreement designed to ease border tensions that was partially suspended by South Korea following Pyongyang’s launch of a spy satellite late Tuesday.

Monet in Tokyo: Works of Impressionist master on exhibit in ‘Series’

Select pieces of Monet’s work are available for viewing until Jan. 28 in the exhibit “Claude Monet: Journey to Series Paintings” at the Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno Park, Tokyo.

Satisfy your south-of-the-border cravings at Gran Aztecas in Yokosuka, Japan

Step inside Gran Aztecas in Yokosuka, and you’ll find a little piece of Mexico in the heart of Japan. The food and even the decor, from sombreros to colorful murals, may make you feel like you’re south of the Rio Grande.

Racing to the moon and Mars, US intelligence sees China advancing with remarkable speed

The intelligence community now assesses with confidence that China is poised to succeed in landing humans on the moon and constructing a permanent base camp at the lunar south pole by the end of this decade, four intelligence officials told McClatchy.

Navy’s top officer and enlisted sailor celebrate Thanksgiving aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Between bites of turkey and prime rib the sailors rubbed shoulders with the distinguished visitors and discussed their personal and professional lives.