Korea space race heats up as North and South plan launches

The two Koreas are in a space race. The North is upgrading its space center to accommodate the increased demands of leader Kim Jong Un, who boasted last month the country had completed its first military reconnaissance satellite and called for its launch into orbit to monitor U.S. forces and their allies in Asia.

Japan to provide 100 military vehicles to Ukraine

In a ceremony at the Defense Ministry at which two half-ton trucks were on display, Japanese Vice Defense Minister Toshiro Ino handed a document to Ukrainian Ambassador Sergiy Korsunsky listing the three types of vehicles included in the donation.

Guam feels ‘full strength’ of Typhoon Mawar as storm approaches

The population of Guam, military and civilians alike, hunkered down in homes or emergency shelters as the eye of Typhoon Mawar loomed just off the island’s eastern coast.

South Korea negotiating repairs to F-35 damaged after bird strike

A collision with an eagle caused a South Korean F-35A Lightning II fighter to crash last year, and talks are underway over scrapping or repairing the stealth aircraft, the South Korean air force said. 

Marines fly US ambassador over Australian Outback during disaster drills

U.S. Marines and Australian and Indonesian troops wrapped up three weeks of disaster relief training in Indonesia and northern Australia, according to the Marines’ commander.

South Korea cancels satellite launch plan citing technical problem

South Korea has canceled its plan to launch its first commercial-grade satellite citing a technical issue, days after rival North Korea reaffirmed its push to place its first military spy satellite into orbit.

China’s new ambassador to US says relations face ‘serious’ challenges

China’s new ambassador to the U.S. said the relationship between the world’s two biggest economies is facing “serious difficulties and challenges.”

Army National Guard readies for hurricane, wildfire seasons

Top National Guard generals and other state and federal officials said Tuesday that they anticipate fewer hurricanes in 2023 than in recent years as they prepare for the official start of the season in the next few days.

Energy Dept. cancels $200M grant to battery maker after GOP criticism over alleged ties to China

The Biden administration has canceled plans to award a $200M grant to a U.S. battery manufacturer amid criticism over the company's alleged ties to China. Microvast was one of 20 companies to win preliminary grants totaling $2.8 billion to boost domestic manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles.

Chinese app trains government workers how to keep state secrets

China is stepping up training at its government agencies, universities and state-owned enterprises on how to safeguard state secrets, underscoring Beijing's increasing emphasis on national security.

Guam warns of ‘direct hit,’ orders evacuations as Mawar reaches super typhoon status

The governor of Guam ordered residents in low-lying areas to evacuate Tuesday as Super Typhoon Mawar barreled toward the island.

US and South Korea must resist Chinese ‘economic coercion,’ ambassador says

An unchecked China will continue “retaliatory actions” against the U.S. and South Korea, allies whose best defense is economic and security cooperation, the U.S. ambassador to South Korea said.

Navy fires destroyer commander nearly 3 months after homeport shift to Japan

The head of the U.S. 7th Fleet, Vice Adm. Karl Thomas, removed Cmdr. Angela Gonzales from her job aboard the USS John Finn due to “a loss of confidence in her ability to fulfill her responsibilities in leading the ship,” 7th Fleet said.

Pedestrian death lands Marine driver on Okinawa a suspended sentence

A Japanese court sentenced a U.S. Marine to a 20-month suspended sentence Monday after he admitted driving recklessly prior to a crash that killed a Japanese pedestrian last year.

COLA cuts will affect some Pacific-based Marines after all, command says

The Defense Department on May 2 announced lower allowances for service members based on a drop in the actual costs to consumers of things like groceries and clothing.

USS Ronald Reagan departs Yokosuka for what may be its final patrol before carrier swap

Strong winds and rough seas greeted the USS Ronald Reagan as it left the home of the U.S. 7th Fleet for what could be its last deployment out of Japan before a carrier swap next year.

San Diego-based Canberra will become first US warship commissioned in an allied country

The San Diego-based littoral combat ship Canberra will travel to Australia this summer where it will become the first American warship to be commissioned in an allied country, according to the Navy.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, visiting Australia, wants closer bilateral defense ties

Narendra Modi has arrived in Sydney for his second Australian visit as India's prime minister and told local media he wants closer bilateral defense and security ties as China's influence in the Indo-Pacific region grows.

South Korea, EU agree to boost pressure on Russia, condemn North Korean missile tests

Leaders of South Korea and the European Union agreed to increase pressure on Russia over its war against Ukraine and condemn North Korea's ballistic missile tests.