Marcos defends US military presence, which China opposes

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. defended his decision to allow a larger United States military presence in the country as vital to territorial defense despite China's fierce opposition.

China's Xi, Japan's Kishida end visits to Russia and Ukraine

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has left Moscow, wrapping up a three-day visit, shortly after Japanese PM Fumio Kishida left Kyiv.

US, South Korea plan ‘largest-ever’ live-fire drills in June

South Korea plans to hold its “largest-ever” live-fire drills with the U.S. in a move certain to anger North Korea, which has ramped up its provocations to new levels in response to recent military exercises.

Pullups and dead hang: Japanese coast guard officer earns second Guinness World Record

A Japan coast guard officer was recognized by Guinness World Records for the longest continued dead hang, his second Guinness record.

Biden to stunt growth in China for chipmakers getting US funds

The $50 billion CHIPS and Science Act will bar firms that win grants from expanding output by 5% for advanced chips and 10% for older technology, according to officials at the Commerce Department.

A ‘marriage of convenience’ for Russia and China amid the Ukraine war, or more?

Xi’s three-day visit to Moscow is the clearest symbol yet of the deepening ties between two countries that have had a history of fraught relations but that are now finding common cause in directly challenging the U.S. and the West.

Putin hosts Xi in the Kremlin with imperial palace pageantry

After hosting Chinese leader Xi Jinping over a seven-course private dinner for 4½ hours the previous night, Russian President Vladimir Putin greeted him in the old imperial palace for talks involving top officials from both countries.

‘Incident’ at Naval Base Guam closes roads, shutters exchange and commissary

An unspecified ‘incident’ at Naval Base Guam’s main exchange store on Tuesday closed roads and spurred a response from security forces, fire and emergency services.

Starlink satellites are boosting Air Force communication across the Indo-Pacific

The Air Force is using commercial Starlink satellites to communicate with airmen dispersed across the vast Indo-Pacific.

Air Force relieves 36th Wing commander on Guam over personal conduct ‘shortfalls’

The Air Force has relieved the head of its preeminent logistics hub in the Indo-Pacific due to ‘shortfalls in his personal conduct prior to taking command.’

South Korea says it will renew intel-sharing pact with Japan to counter North's threats

South Korea will continue to share military intelligence with Japan to ‘beef up close security cooperation,’ according to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Images show Chinese-funded construction at Cambodian naval base is progressing rapidly

Construction efforts are rapidly moving forward on a Cambodian naval base that US officials say will secretly host Chinese forces, according to a British news site.

Red Hill families exposed to anti-icing agent in 2021 fuel spill

Military and civilian families who drank and bathed in fuel-tainted water after a fuel spill at the Navy’s Red Hill facility in November 2021 contaminated their water also may have been exposed to an anti-icing additive.

US: No reason for China to react to Taiwan leader stopover

The Biden administration is putting out the word that planned stopovers in the United States by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in the coming weeks fall in line with recent precedent and should not be used as a pretext by China to step up aggressive activity in the Taiwan Strait.

South Korea to restore Japan's trade status to improve ties

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said his government will move to restore Japan's preferential trade status as he pushes to resolve history and trade disputes with Japan despite domestic opposition.

Alaska joint base will host Air Force’s first multinational force training center

The Air Force has chosen Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska to host the service’s first integrated center capable of joint and multinational force training.

Japan's Kishida heading to Ukraine for talks with Zelenskyy

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is heading to Kyiv for talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Japan PM Kishida announces new Indo-Pacific plan in India

The plan is a Tokyo-led initiative aimed at curbing China's growing assertiveness in the region and will include Japan's assistance to emerging economies in the region, support for maritime security, a provision of coast guard patrol boats and other infrastructure cooperation.

Researchers find clue to unraveling mystery of Guam brain disease

Researchers have found that high concentrations of abnormally formed proteins in the brain are at the root of a mysterious neurodegenerative disease that has plagued Guam natives for more than a century.