Fears of a new world war prey on hedge fund titans and policymakers alike

With countries scrambling to protect their interests and frozen conflicts again running hot, for some, the web of overlapping conflagrations carries echoes of the period before World War I when the pacts linking major opposing blocs dragged Europe into a continental war.

AAFES eliminating overnight alcohol sales worldwide next year

Starting Jan. 1, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service will cut off alcohol sales between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. at all stores.

Philippines opens coast guard surveillance base in South China Sea to watch Chinese vessels 

High-seas faceoffs between Chinese and Philippine ships have intensified this year in the contested waters, fueling fears of a larger conflict that could involve the US.

Group expects hundreds to turn out for anti-Osprey rally on Okinawa

Protesters seeking to expel a controversial tiltrotor aircraft from Okinawa plan to rally outside Japanese government offices less than a week after an Air Force Osprey crashed in southwestern Japan.

Marines, soldiers fire first shots at state-of-the-art gun range complex on Guam

The Mason Live Fire Range Complex is still under construction, but bullets are already blasting down the state-of-the-art gun range at Guam’s Camp Blaz.

Ospreys continue to fly in Japan as search-and-rescue operation enters third day

Ospreys will continue to fly in Japan, the Pentagon said, as search-and-rescue efforts entered a third day for an Air Force tiltrotor that crashed near an island in Kagoshima prefecture.

Star-studded Tokyo Comic Con expects to draw 80,000 people this year

Celebrities and photo-worthy surprises are planned for this year’s event.

China says US arms sales to Taiwan are turning the island into a ‘powder keg’

The Chinese defense ministry’s top spokesperson has said that the U.S. should stop interfering in both Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Navy veteran is working to heap holiday cheer on Ukrainian refugees in Japan

A Navy veteran and his wife run the Santa Delivery charity in Japan to help those in need.

North Korea rebuffs US ambassador’s offer to negotiate ‘on any topic’

The sister of North Korea’s leader has rejected a United States request for negotiations and likened the idea to a ploy by Washington to infringe on her country’s power to govern itself.

Search-and-rescue efforts continue after Air Force Osprey crashed with 8 aboard in Japan

The tiltrotor aircraft, assigned to the 353rd Special Operations Wing at Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo, was on a routine training mission off Yakushima, an island in Kagoshima prefecture, when it went down, according to Air Force Special Operations Command. 

China presents UN with vague Mideast peace plan as US promotes its own role in easing Gaza war

China presented the United Nations Security Council with a four-point plan for Middle East peace in a demonstration of its ambitions to be a global superpower.

India probes criminal-terrorist nexus to protect ties with US

New Delhi is probing any role of Indian organized criminal groups in an alleged attempt to assassinate a U.S.-based Sikh separatist leader, as the South Asian nation tries to protect its relationship with the U.S. after being prompted by Washington.

World economy will slow next year due to inflation, war, economic development organization says

The global economy, which has proved surprisingly resilient this year, is expected to falter next year under the strain of wars, still-elevated inflation and continued high interest rates.

India in talks with Boeing, Blue Origin for space partnerships

India’s space agency is exploring joint collaborations with Boeing Co., Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin LLC and Voyager Space Holdings Inc., as an official visit by the head of NASA highlights the growing level of cooperation between the US and India in outer space.

Indian official plotted to assassinate Sikh separatist leader in New York, US prosecutors say

An Indian government official directed a plot to assassinate a prominent Sikh separatist leader living in New York City, U.S. prosecutors said as they announced charges against a man they said was part of the thwarted murder conspiracy.

1 person confirmed dead after US Osprey crash, Japan’s coast guard says

An unconscious person recovered in waters where a Yokota-based Osprey went down has been confirmed dead, according to the Japanese coast guard.

Hawaii officials pose bleaker estimate of Red Hill’s fuel contamination legacy

As much as 2 million gallons of fuel may have leaked and spilled into the ground under the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility since it was built during World War II, an amount far exceeding past estimates.

Emotional sketches made in Sugamo Prison find their way to former inmate’s family

A series of prison sketches by a Japanese physician convicted, but later acquitted, of crimes against Americans during World War II were handed to the man’s family on Friday, thanks in part to two Yokosuka Naval Base employees.