US sticking with North Korea policy despite missile barrage
North Korea, which has declared itself a nuclear-weapon state, has fired off a record number of missiles this year as the U.S. and its allies continue to pursue a policy that is aimed at the full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.
Airlines see 2023 profit as US growth offsets China barriers
The airline industry is set to achieve its first post-pandemic profit next year, as a travel rebound in the U.S. offsets the impact of ongoing COVID-19 curbs in China, the International Air Transport Association predicted.
Strengthened Japanese brigade on Okinawa would act as China deterrent, experts say
The Self-Defense Force plans to add another infantry regiment to the one already based at Camp Naha and put a general in charge, according to a report.
Corps names first female sergeant major to a Marine expeditionary force
Sgt. Maj. Joy Kitashima will become the first female Marine to fill the senior enlisted role in a Marine expeditionary force when she takes up her new responsibilities next year at Camp Courtney.
Late Chinese leader Jiang hailed in memorial service
China's communist leaders have eulogized the late leader Jiang Zemin as a loyal Marxist-Leninist who oversaw their country's rapid economic rise while maintaining rigid party control over society.
North Korea orders new artillery firings over South's drills
North Korea has fired a barrage of artillery rounds into waters near rival South Korea for the second consecutive day in a tit-for-tat for ongoing U.S.-South Korea live-fire drills.
North Korea's first daughter emerges, raising questions about women leading the country
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has fueled widespread speculation about his succession planning after recently showing off his daughter for the first time. But the question of whether a woman could run North Korea is a complex one.
USS Arizona survivor: Honor those killed at Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona sailor Lou Conter lived through the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, though his battleship exploded and sank, and is called a hero. He rejects the characterization: “The 2,403 men that died are the heroes.”
US Army moving equipment across Pacific for training
Last week the USNS Watson arrived in Pearl Harbor and dropped off hundreds of vehicles that are part of an Army Prepositioned Stock, or APS.
‘The Grinch is stealing Christmas’: Fewer gifts reaching US military overseas amid bewildering customs enforcement
U.S. Postal Service screening of parcels meant for service members overseas is driving an overwhelming number of complaints from military families about weekslong waits for holiday gifts, while other presents never arrive at all.
Japan aims to boost 5-year defense spending to $318 billion
Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday set a new target for military spending over the next five years to 43 trillion yen ($318 billion), or 1.5 times the current level, as the country seeks defense buildup including the use of preemptive strike.
Operation Christmas Drop is back in full force for first time since pandemic
A weeklong mission returns to air drop essential supplies to far flung and isolated islands of the Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of Palau.
South Korea says North Korea fired artillery rounds near border
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the weapons fell within the northern side of buffer zones created under a 2018 inter-Korean agreement to reduce military tensions.
Families of former WWII foes meet in Hiroshima for ‘good luck flag’ return
A U.S. Marine’s family returned a ‘good luck flag’ to the family of a Japanese sailor who carried it with him in battle during World War II.
China eases controls, gives no sign when ‘zero COVID’ ends
The Chinese government announced plans last week to vaccinate millions of people in their 70s and 80s, a condition for ending “zero- COVID“ restrictions that keep most visitors out of China and have disrupted manufacturing and global trade.
South Korean lawmaker meets with military and Hawaii officials
The chair of the South Korean National Assembly's intelligence committee met last week with military and officials, including Lt. Gov.-elect Sylvia Luke.
Troops recently identified from past wars include pair shot down over Romania in B-24 bomber
A B-24 Liberator navigator and radio operator were among 17 service members accounted for recently by the Defense Department agency tasked with recovering U.S. troops listed as missing in action or prisoners of war.
‘Peeling an onion’: A single tooth points to missing soldier who died on his birthday in Vietnam
The route by which a molar made it from a Vietnam jungle to a Defense Department lab in Hawaii remains a partial mystery.
Indonesia's Mt. Semeru unleashes lava river in new eruption
Several villages were blanketed with falling ash, blocking out the sun, but no casualties have been reported.