Marines aim to stem tide of drowning deaths with ocean-safety expos in Okinawa, Hawaii
Drowning claims more U.S. service members’ lives on Okinawa than any other cause of accidental death, and the Marine Corps aims to beat it.
Tea and infomercials: N. Korea fights COVID with few tools
North Korean propaganda describes an all-out effort to fight a suspected COVID-19 outbreak that has sickened nearly 2 million people. But defectors say fear is palpable among North Korean citizens who lack access to hospital care and struggle to afford even basic medicine.
Roadway near Marine base where fatal crashes occurred is one of Okinawa’s most dangerous
Two more vehicular crashes recently occurred at a spot near this Marine Corps base where two earlier incidents claimed two lives.
Sailors must wait 5 weeks for mental health appointments as Navy battles suicides, top enlisted leader says
It takes more than a month for sailors struggling with thoughts of suicide to get a mental health appointment, the Navy’s top enlisted leader told House lawmakers Wednesday.
China blasts US, Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit
Japan will host a meeting of the Indo-Pacific strategic alliance known as the Quad next week. China sees the group as an attempt to contain its economic growth and influence.
What's behind difficult Taiwan-China relations?
David Chou, the gunman behind an attack on a California church, nurtured a resentment toward the Taiwanese and reportedly had ties to a China-backed organization dedicated to furthering Beijing's goal of annexing the self-governing island, by force if necessary.
Thai archival find may resolve fate of missing WWII US flyer
The discovery started with a retired air marshal's effort to save archives threatened when an air force museum in Bangkok flooded. He found a police officer's notes about a 1944 plane crash in northern Thailand that matched a U.S. reconnaissance flight where the pilot never returned.
Adm. Michael Gilday says Taiwan must strengthen its defenses
Taiwan must gird itself against potential Chinese aggression through military deterrence that includes acquiring the right weapons and proper training, the top U.S. naval officer said on Tuesday.
Navy awarded nearly $500 million for Guam construction projects over past month
The Navy awarded $250 million in contracts for construction at Camp Blaz over the past month and another $236 million for work at other Guam bases.