First aid flight leaves for Tonga after big volcano eruption
The first flight carrying fresh water and other aid to Tonga was finally able to leave Thursday after the Pacific nation's main airport runway was cleared of ash left by a huge volcanic eruption.
‘One of the finest’: Marine Corps to deactivate storied Island Warriors battalion in Hawaii
The storied 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment is slated to deactivate during a ceremony at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.
Jamaican four-man bobsled team to make Olympic return, promises 'a great show'
Jamaica’s four-man bobsled team will return to the Winter Olympics for the first time since 1998.
China warns foreign Olympic athletes against speaking out on politics at Winter Games
A member of China's Olympics organizing committee warned that foreign athletes may face punishment for speech that violates Chinese law at the 2022 Winter Games.
Tonga faces weeks cut off as volcanic activity imperils operation to repair fiber-optic cable
The volcano's blast severed the underwater fiber-optic cable that connects Tonga to the outside world, essentially plunging the nation of 105,000 people into digital darkness.
Beijing Covid flareup worsens with new clusters at cold storage
China's capital found a Covid-19 cluster among cold chain workers on Wednesday, the latest sign the country is seeing more infections resulting from a controversial claim of transmission through contaminated goods.
Family of Otto Warmbier, who died after detention in N. Korea, awarded $240K in seized assets
A court in New York has ruled that the family of deceased American student Otto Warmbier, who was detained in the secretive state, should be awarded more than $240,000 to be seized from North Korean assets.
Japan widens virus restrictions as omicron surges in cities
The restraint, which is something of a pre-state of emergency, is the first since September and is scheduled to last through Feb. 13. With three other prefectures — Okinawa, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi — under similar measures since early January, the state of restraint now covers 16 areas, or one-third of the country.
US forces in Germany contend with soaring COVID numbers as country reaches new pandemic record
In the Kaiserslautern area, 68 new infections among U.S. forces were confirmed last week, which is believed to be the highest on record, according to a report.
South Korea pressures US military to do more to curb coronavirus infections
Pyeongtaek, where Camp Humphreys is located, reported that roughly 42% of the city’s COVID-19 cases between Jan. 3 and 16 stemmed from people affiliated with the U.S. military, a public health official said.