Marines make 6,100-mile trans-Pacific flight in Ospreys
Hawaii-based Marines with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 268 recently concluded their deployment to Australia as part of Marine Rotational Force-Darwin with a 6,100-mile, island-hopping flight home.
South Korean activists clash with police over anti-Kim balloons
Saturday's launch came weeks after South Korea's government pleaded for activists to stop their balloon launches, citing concerns related to the safety of border area residents.
125 die as tear gas triggers crush at Indonesia soccer match
The rioting spread outside the stadium where at least five police vehicles were toppled and set ablaze amid the chaos. Riot police responded by firing tear gas, including toward the stadium's stands, causing panic among the crowd.
Imperial Guard Headquarters' school holds grad ceremony
Members of the headquarters protect the Imperial family members, the palace and other Imperial facilities.
Biden uses $130M in frozen Egypt aid to help Pacific Islands
The Biden administration will pay for $130 million in new climate initiatives for Pacific Island nations by reallocating money that originally been earmarked for military assistance for Egypt.
US defense chief in Hawaii amid distrust after fuel spill
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Hawaii this week amid lingering community frustration and distrust after jet fuel from a military storage facility last year spilled into Pearl Harbor’s drinking water, poisoned thousands of military families and threatened the purity of Honolulu’s water supply.
North Korea carries out another round of ballistic missile testing, South’s military says
North Korea carried out its fourth round of weapons testing in less than a week on Saturday, firing what the South’s military said were two short-range ballistic missiles launched off its eastern coast.
Despite DMZ gaffe, Kamala Harris displays deft Asia diplomacy
The clip of Vice President Kamala Harris featured an unfortunate slip of the tongue, after she said the U.S. had a “strong alliance” with “the Republic of North Korea.”
Lack of medical care for civilians raises concerns at US Navy base in Japan
Teachers, contractors and other U.S. base workers have taken to social media over the past two weeks to voice concerns about their inability to make appointments at the hospital.
Security situation in Indo-Pacific is relevant to Germany, officials say in Tokyo
German warplanes are deployed to NATO’s eastern flank to make clear to Russia that the alliance’s territory is a red line, said Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz, who leads the country’s air force.
Thai court to rule if Prayuth has overstayed PM’s term limit
Thailand’s Constitutional Court is set to rule Friday on whether Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has exceeded the term limits of his job and must leave office immediately.
Swim with dolphins at a watery farm in western Japan
Dolphin Farm Shimanami in Ehime prefecture, Japan, offers an up-close experience with these marine mammals.
Enjoy organic food cooked to near perfection at We Are The Farm in Tokyo
This all-organic restaurant has a peculiar name, considering its metropolitan location. But there’s no denying its delicious dishes.
Taiwan’s military needs overhaul amid China threat, critics say
As the Senate contemplates sending large sums of security assistance to Taiwan, independent defense analysts here are urging U.S. lawmakers to maximize their leverage at a sensitive time in cross-strait relations.
US, Japan, South Korea to stage anti-submarine exercise after North’s latest launch
Naval forces from the United States, Japan and South Korea are set to carry out anti-submarine warfare drills in the East Sea.
USS Zumwalt, one of the Navy’s new stealth destroyers, visits Japan for first time
The lead ship of the Navy’s Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyers steamed into Yokosuka Naval Base this week.
‘Beautiful letters’ reveal Trump-Kim friendship that sidelined South Korea’s president
Twenty-seven letters between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were fully released by the Korean-American Club, a nonprofit organization of current and former South Korean journalists.
Sightings of deadly ‘fire mushroom’ prompt warning from US military in Japan
The world’s second-deadliest fungus, known in Japan as kaentake, or “fire mushroom,” has been spotted at a park in western Tokyo that’s not far from a popular U.S. military recreation area.
Searchers find body of snorkeling Okinawa airman who was swept out to sea
The body of an airman swept out to sea Saturday while snorkeling off northeastern Okinawa was found and identified, according to the Air Force.