Ex-Chilean military officer suspected of killing famed singer 50 years ago nabbed in Florida

Chilean folk singer Víctor Jara’s family have fought for half a century to hold accountable those responsible for his death. Earlier this month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced authorities had arrested Pedro Barrientos Núñez, an ex-Chilean Armed Forces lieutenant suspected of executing Jara, during a traffic stop.

Former Haitian senator pleads guilty in Miami to conspiring in presidential assassination

The former senator, Joseph Joel John, who had been detained in Jamaica before being brought to Miami last year, acknowledged to FBI agents that he had met with some co-conspirators just before they “embarked on the mission to kill President [Jovenel] Moïse.”

General Motors gets quick deal to end Canada workers’ strike

The three-year agreement will increase base hourly wages by almost 20% for production workers and 25% for skilled trades. The deal also increases starting pay for temporary part-time workers and boosts pensions.

Inspections halt 19,000 trucks at Texas-Mexico border

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s border-security crackdown is clogging up commercial crossings, leaving at least 19,000 trucks loaded with $1.9 billion of goods stuck waiting in Mexico.

Biden faces growing pressure from Democrats over border crossings

Republicans also seize on the issue, seeing immigration as a renewed vulnerability for the president.

Security officials in Ecuador hold emergency meeting after 7 suspected assassins massacred in prison

Ecuador security officials held an emergency meeting after seven men accused of assassinating Ecuadorean presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio were slain in prison.

Record border crossings a burden Biden carries into 2024 election

The administration announced that it will build new border wall in South Texas while insisting that it still believes that a wall is not a solution

Biden border plan faces breakdown amid record influx of families

In Chicago, the city that will host the Democratic National Convention next year, the mayor is planning to erect winterized tents because the shelters are bursting. Migrants are camped out at O’Hare International Airport and on the tile-floor lobbies of neighborhood police precincts.

Venezuela issues arrest warrant against opposition leader Juan Guaidó

The government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has issued an arrest warrant against opposition leader Juan Guaidó, and said it asked for an Interpol red alert, accusing the politician of using state oil money for his own benefit.

Kenya demoted its foreign minister. What does it mean for its deployment into Haiti?

Two days after Kenya’s foreign minister publicly thanked the United Nations Security Council — ahead of President William Ruto — for agreeing to an intervention in Haiti and said Kenya-led troops will be deployed in short order, he lost his high-profile cabinet job and got reassigned.

Texas congressman wants House to renounce threats of military strikes in Mexico

Talk of attacking drug cartels south of the border by drone or special forces has become increasingly popular among Republicans. Texas congressman Joaquin Castro is pushing Congress to renounce such moves without Mexico’s full prior approval.

Biden says he tried to stop plan to add to Trump border wall

President Joe Biden said he sought to redirect funds to build a border wall but was unsuccessful — as his administration announced plans to add roughly 17 miles of barriers along the Rio Grande in Texas.

UN Security Council votes to send Kenya-led multinational force to Haiti to fight violent gangs

The U.N. Security Council on Monday voted to send a multinational force to Haiti led by Kenya to help combat violent gangs.

Michigan man’s uncle identified 70 years after being killed in military plane crash

It took more than seven decades but the uncle of an Alma man has finally been officially identified after he was killed in the crash of a military transport plane in Alaska on Nov. 22, 1952.

‘A true blessing’: Venezuelan migrants in Georgia cheer about new status

Nearly 500,000 Venezuelan nationals are expected to be covered by the humanitarian relief known as Temporary Protected Status – historically granted to immigrants who hail from crisis-riddled countries. The status will last for at least 18 months.

NYC judge orders Adams administration to move migrants out of Staten Island migrant shelter

A Staten Island judge ordered Mayor Eric Adams’ administration Tuesday to stop using a long-shuttered private school in the borough as a migrant shelter following weeks of protests from local residents angry over the site being used as housing.

JPMorgan agrees to $75 million settlement with US Virgin Islands in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has agreed to shell out $75 million to the U.S. Virgin Islands in a lawsuit alleging America’s biggest bank was a fundamental enabler of Jeffrey Epstein’s years-long sex trafficking of teenage girls, representatives for the financial institution said Tuesday.

Here are the countries offering to help Kenya take on deadly gangs in Haiti

For now, the Biden administration is remaining tight-lipped on which countries have pledged to provide support, saying only that as the lead nation, Kenya is expected to be the largest contributor with 1,000 police officers and troops.

Mexico weighs new screening plan with US, UN to tackle migration

Mexico, along with President Joe Biden’s administration and the United Nations, is considering setting up a temporary program to help prescreen tens of thousands of migrants for U.S. entry eligibility as border crossings increase again.