Nonprofits, lawmakers worry end of pandemic border controls will strain resources

The strain has sparked debate on Capitol Hill about how best to manage a potential spike in migration at the border in the coming months — and how federal funds might help.

As violence in Haiti worsens, Canada bets on assistance to police

As Haiti’s vicious cycle of gang violence continues, the Canadian government says it remains committed to helping the country overcome its security challenges by aiding the Haitian national police.

Buses of asylum seekers from Texas arrive in NYC

The first busload of migrants sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott since last fall arrived at Port Authority Wednesday. Abbott’s controversial busing program from the southern border resumed ahead of a COVID-era border policy that blocked many migrants from entry into the U.S.

1,500 additional troops to deploy to border with Mexico as migrant surge expected next week

The troops will join about 2,400 National Guard members authorized to serve at the border with U.S. Customs and Border Protection as part of a support mission that began in 2018.

New surge of migrants strains US capacity ahead of May 11 deadline

Border Patrol facilities are stretched to capacity along the U.S.-Mexico border as the Biden administration plans to lift pandemic-era restrictions May 11.

As fentanyl crisis grows, US-Mexico divide deepens

Mexico’s president denies the opioid is produced in his country. U.S. Republicans want to send troops across the border to attack the labs.

Canada economy begins to stall as higher interest rates bite

As have several economies, Canada’s has been raising rates to put brakes on inflation, and the nation’s latest numbers indicate it stopped doing so at the right time.

Influx of migrants living at Chicago police stations as city, charity groups scramble to find them shelter

Two families from Venezuela sat on metal chairs in the lobby of Chicago’s Jefferson Park 16th District police station Tuesday, desperate for permanent shelter after spending months walking and taking buses to get to the United States.

US asks Brazil to extradite alleged Russian spy who posed as student

The United States wants to take custody of alleged Russian operative Sergey Cherkasov, while Moscow is pursuing its own extradition request accusing him of being a heroin trafficker.

Colorado immigrants allege cruel treatment in ICE enforcement tactics and detention, call for changes

Years after Hilda's husband was deported, the ramifications seem only to intensify. Their daughter is terrified of police officers. Their son began wetting the bed and hasn't stopped. She disconnected all of her electronics because she worried she was being watched constantly. Her mother died.

‘Knife in the back’: Havana Syndrome victims dispute report dismissing their cases

Victims said that a recent U.S. intelligence report blaming their ailments on preexisting medical conditions or environmental factors is an attempt to whitewash the Havana Syndrome affair, likely due to political considerations.

Mexican navy finds 10 tons of liquid meth in tequila bottles

The Mexican navy announced Monday it had seized almost 10 tons of concentrated liquid meth in more than 11,520 tequila bottles.

Coast Guard says it rescued passengers from migrant boat taking on water off the Keys

U.S. Coast Guard crews on Monday afternoon rescued several people from a migrant boat taking on water off the Florida Keys, the agency said.

Cuban migrants arrive in Havana as US restarts deportation flights after two-year halt

The Biden administration on Monday resumed deportation flights to Cuba on Monday. “The United States has a longstanding policy of removing to their country of origin all foreign nationals who lack a legal basis to stay in the United States,” a Homeland Security spokesperson said.

Bipartisan group restarts push for Puerto Rico statehood vote

House lawmakers are reigniting an effort to give Puerto Ricans the right to decide their status, including the possibility of statehood, after a similar attempt fell short at the end of last year.

Mexico's president, saying the US is suffering from moral decay, offers some advice

Mexico's leader has some advice for the United States. Take better care of your kids. Try more hugs. Cut down on the drugs and guns. Keep your cops, troops and spies off our turf. And leave Donald Trump alone.

Mexico ends search for missing Americans, Coast Guard says

Mexico's navy has suspended a search for three Americans who went missing along with their sailboat off Mexico's northern Pacific coast, the U.S Coast Guard said.

Trudeau told NATO that Canada will never meet spending goal, Discord leak shows

The secret Pentagon assessment, posted to the messaging app Discord, says the country’s “widespread” military shortfalls are harming ties with its NATO and NORAD allies.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador accuses Pentagon of spying, dialing up tensions with US

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said his government needs to safeguard classified information to protect its “national security and defend its sovereignty,” arguing without showing proof the country is subject to spying by units of the U.S. including the Drug Enforcement Administration.