Spread of bird flu worsens, hitting egg-laying hens especially hard

Just over 100 million poultry died or were culled due to avian influenza between the start of October and Feb. 3, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health.

US is training Haiti police to combat gangs, but that’s not only security worry

Haiti is at the extreme end of the security challenges for the U.S. in the hemisphere. However, its unprecedented gang violence isn’t the only issue.

This US diplomat went to Haiti to talk policing. Then he got a close look at the chaos

By law, the U.S. can’t supply Haiti with weapons or ammunition. But there is plenty else: Night vision goggles, advanced combat telescopic rifle scopes, riot helmets, ballistic vests with plates that can sustain piercing rounds. The U.S. has donated hundreds of battle-ready uniforms along with several armored vehicles.

As glaciers melt, sudden flood risks threaten 15 million people, study finds

People in China, India, Pakistan and Peru live in greatest danger of tsunamis from melting glaciers, a study says.

China claims ownership of 2nd suspected spy balloon above Latin America

Beijing also stepped up protests against the U.S. military’s decision to shoot down the suspected spy balloon that traversed the United States last week.

Canada deploys military aircraft over Haiti to assist police force with gangs

The Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft, a CP-140 Aurora, was observed patrolling Haiti’s airspace on Saturday much to the surprise and curiosity of many Haitians.

Brazil sinks decommissioned aircraft carrier in face of contamination fears

Brazil's navy said Friday night that it had carried out a "planned and controlled" operation to sink a decommissioned aircraft carrier nearly 220 miles off its coast

China rushes to cap damage over suspected spy balloon as Blinken delays trip

The balloon incident, on the eve of such a critical meeting, raises questions over whether it was an accident or a deliberate effort by Beijing to send a message to Washington.

In a rare move, US releases 'high-value' Guantanamo prisoner

Majid Khan was captured in 2003 and taken to secret CIA facilities, where he was subject to harsh interrogation tactics before being sent to Guantanamo.

Canadian Parliament votes unanimously to accept 10,000 Uyghur refugees

The nonbinding motion says the ethnic minority group faces “pressure and intimidation” to return to China, where they risk torture, detention and forced labor.

Illegal border crossings fell sharply in January, US figures show

The number of migrants taken into custody along the southern border dropped 40% in January, the largest one-month decline since Biden took office.

‘They don’t see us as humans.’ In Peru, protests over racism and neglect spill from the Andes

With South America’s fifth-largest economy paralyzed by highway roadblocks, Peru finds itself at an agonizing political impasse.

Cuba wants Russia’s advice on market reforms as Putin seeks more trade with the island

The Cuban government is turning to Russia for help with market reforms on the island through a partnership with a Russian think tank headed by sanctioned oligarch Oleg Deripaska, as the two countries vow to take their relationship to “a new level.”

Former Afghan soldier detained after crossing US border typifies asylum system’s faults, advocates say 

Abdul Wasi Safi, 27, served as an intelligence officer for the special operations corps of the U.S.-backed Afghan defense forces. He traveled from Brazil to Texas, and his case has drawn pleas from veterans groups and lawmakers asking for his release

Coast Guard stops boat with 400 Haitians off the Bahamas that was likely headed to Florida

The U.S. Coast Guard on Sunday intercepted the 396 people near Cay Sal Bank, a remote island about 30 miles off the northern coast of Cuba.

Former top Mexican official took millions in bribes from cartel, prosecutor says

Mexico’s former top law enforcement official Genaro Garcia Luna made millions moonlighting as an enabler for the Sinaloa Cartel even as he stood as a symbol of his country’s struggling war on the narcotics trafficking trade, prosecutors said at the start of his trial.

How a Coast Guard plane scoured islands looking for migrants — and what the crew found

Since Oct. 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the Coast Guard has intercepted close to 5,000 people from Cuba at sea and about 1,200 people from Haiti attempting to migrate to the U.S.

The freedom to lie? Brazil’s right decries disinformation ‘witch hunt’

For conservative wunderkind Nikolas Ferreira, the election last fall was a triumph: He garnered more votes than any other member of Brazil’s Congress.

Texas National Guard soldier shoots, injures migrant while on patrol along US-Mexico border

The soldier was deployed as part of a nearly 2-year-old state mission known as Operation Lone Star, in which Guard members are partnered with state police to deter criminal activity between legal ports-of-entry along the Texas border with Mexico.