China set to import Brazilian corn in challenge to U.S. suppliers
China may start importing corn from Brazil as early as December, part of a drive by the world’s top buyer to reduce dependence on the US and replace supplies from Ukraine cut off by the Russian invasion.
Coast Guard assisting in search of British Virgin Islands woman missing at sea
The U.S. Coast Guard and St. Thomas Rescue are assisting in the search for a 30-year-old woman who may be adrift after a marine incident in the British Virgin Islands.
Protests erupt in Cuba after days without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian
Cubans in several neighborhoods in Havana and other cities took to the streets on Thursday evening. They banged pots and pans, and demanded the restoration of electricity service after a failure in Cuba’s dilapidated power grid left the country in near total darkness since Tuesday.
US issues ‘temporary and targeted’ Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security granted a “temporary and targeted” Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico, allowing the island to immediately receive shipments of badly needed fuel as it attempts to recover from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Fiona.
Three years ago he was in prison. Now he’s poised to be Brazil’s next president
Three years ago, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was languishing in a prison cell. The former president of Brazil, who led the country from 2003 to 2010, was months into a 12-year jail sentence for corruption. His political career appeared to be over. Now he appears poised to win Brazil’s presidential election.
Caravan pressures Gov. Newsom to extend unemployment benefits to undocumented Californians
Dozens of undocumented immigrant workers and allies are crossing the state in a two-day vehicle caravan to pressure Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign legislation that would extend unemployment benefits to all Californians regardless of immigration status.
Hurricane Ian nears Cuba on path to strike Florida as Category 4
Tampa and St. Petersburg are among the most likely targets for their first direct hit by a major hurricane in a century.
Fiona sweeps away houses, knocks out power in eastern Canada
Fiona washed houses into the sea, tore the roofs off others and knocked out power to the vast majority of two Canadian provinces as it made landfall as a big, powerful post-tropical cyclone Saturday.
Biden approves Western Alaska disaster request as FEMA arrives to assess storm damage
President Joe Biden on Friday approved the State of Alaska’s request for a major disaster declaration from the recent storms that battered Western Alaska.
Biden administration pushing for tough UN sanctions against Haiti gang leaders
The US is preparing to circulate a resolution at the UN Security Council that would establish a new framework for sanctioning Haiti’s gang leaders, and is not taking international intervention off the table as the country spirals into lawlessness.
People are fleeing Puerto Rico, Guam and every other US territory. What gives?
America’s five territories – Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands – are wildly diverse places. So why are they all rapidly losing population?
Army National Guardsman sentenced to prison for cocaine bust in Texas
An active duty Army National Guardsman has been sentenced to a little more than four years in prison for attempting to smuggle 14 and-one-half pounds of cocaine into the United States.
Hurricane Fiona’s destruction sets back hopes and plans
Flash flooding, landslides, power losses and at least four deaths from this storm compound unhealed wounds from the last big one, Hurricane Maria.
Biden scrambles to shore up Latino support. Is it too late?
On Friday, the main outside group supporting President Joe Biden’s agenda, Build Back Together, launched a six-figure ad campaign targeting Latinos in three battleground states. Biden’s approval rating with Latinos is just 58 percent.
In Texas town where Martha's Vineyard ordeal began, few options for migrants
Migrants who make it to Eagle Pass, Texas, are vulnerable to scammers, says the president of one advocacy group. Recently, 48 migrants were sent from Eagle Pass to Florida before being flown to the posh Massachusetts Island of Martha’s Vineyard.
Border arrests on track to break record as divide grows over states' handling of migrants
Complications for the Biden administration over immigration intensified as migrants were transported by Republican governors to cities governed by Democrats and rising migration along the southern border remains on pace to exceed a record 2 million.
Extorted and tortured, an American prisoner in Venezuela awaits action from Biden
Tania Valdes says that in January she received a call demanding money for her son, Osman Khan, whom she believes is being held captive by members of the Venezuelan National Guard. The FBI has opened an investigation into the extortion of Khan’s family.
'Sadistic lie.' Venezuelans flown to Martha's Vineyard search for a way off the island
About 24 hours after they unwittingly agreed to board private planes to the island, a group of nearly 50 migrants — most, if not all, hailing from Venezuela — remained in limbo Thursday night as volunteer attorneys worked to understand their legal situations.
Canadian Conservatives look to populist to challenge Trudeau
Canada's Conservatives, losers of three straight federal elections, are poised to elect a 43-year-old firebrand with a scorched-earth style and social media savvy as their new leader to take on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.