Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to bus migrants to more sanctuary cities across America
After creating a firestorm in New York, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he plans to bus migrants at the southern border to other communities known as “sanctuary cities” around the nation.
Cuba quietly releases from prison a Cuban-American teacher convicted of espionage
The Cuban government has quietly commuted the sentence of Alina López Miyares, a Cuban-American teacher in Miami who was sent to prison after she was accused of espionage in 2017.
Migrants pouring into NYC from Texas, straining a shaky shelter system. When will it hit a tipping point?
Around 7,600 migrants have poured into New York over the last several weeks — many on buses from Texas courtesy of Gov. Greg Abbott — straining an already-shaky social service network.
Fugitive Marine on US Marshals 'Most Wanted' list arrested for girlfriend's 2016 murder
Raymond "RJ" McLeod, a former Marine put on the U.S. Marshals Most Wanted List, was captured in El Salvador just more than six years after he allegedly murdered his then-girlfriend inside a California apartment.
Many US Guatemalans waiting for passports are ‘doubly undocumented,’ and angry
Delays in passport deliveries started with the pandemic, but the problem worsened when the Guatemalan Migration Institute suffered a shortage of the books used to print passports.
Indigenous leaders get a choice: Join the narcos or run for your lives
Illegal coca cultivation in Peru is migrating from the Andean foothills to the Amazonian lowlands. Since 2020, an estimated 20 leaders have been killed in the rainforest.
Puerto Rican 'solidarity' group says it's been targeted by the FBI for visiting Cuba
Members of a Puerto Rican anti-embargo group that spent a month in Cuba and were VIP guests at the recent official July 26 celebration say that FBI agents contacted them seeking information about their trip.
Herard Abraham, general who helped usher in Haiti's democratic transition, is dead
Herard Abraham, the respected former army commander-in-chief who played a major role in ushering in Haiti's first democratically elected president in 1990 only to be forced into retirement in a purge months later, has died. He was 82.
Mexican officials arrest ‘Cabo 20,’ man who allegedly ordered killing of Tijuana journalist
Mexican federal authorities on Wednesday arrested David López Jiménez, who goes by the nickname “Cabo 20.” He is accused of ordering the murder of Tijuana photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel.
Biden administration issues final rule on protections for ‘Dreamers’
The Biden administration finalized a rule Wednesday to fortify the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as it faces legal challenges, aiming to preserve protections for hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers.”
World monkeypox cases fall, led by decline in Europe
New cases around the world fell 21% in the week ending Aug. 21 from the previous week, as dwindling caseloads in Europe offset a continued rise in the Americas.
Narco riots target civilians and companies in post-Chapo Mexico
The gang violence is extreme, among the worst that Mexico has endured: In one city after another, mostly along the U.S. border, rival drug cartels are rioting, setting cars and stores on fire, shooting and killing innocent bystanders, including at least one child last week.
Colombia, world’s largest cocaine supplier, considers decriminalizing the drug
Colombia, the largest producer of cocaine in the world, wants to lead a global experiment: decriminalizing cocaine.
Shelter sickness: Migrants see health problems linger and worsen while waiting at the border
Two days after arriving at a temporary migrant shelter at the border with the U.S. in June, Rosa Viridiana Ceron Alpizar’s 9-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son fell ill. Most of the kids in the converted gym had stomach issues after being served a meal of sausage and beans.
How US gun laws and South Florida ports help fuel Haiti’s escalating gang violence
Stopping the flow of illegal guns is nearly impossible, say experts, who cite Haiti’s drug trade, smuggling networks, systemic corruption and lucrative black-market firearms profits — along with the US’ lax gun laws.
Mexico’s president vowed to end the drug war. Instead he’s doubled the number of troops in the streets
After cartels unleashed a wave of violence across Mexico last week, killing civilians, blocking roads with burning vehicles and setting dozens of stores on fire, the government here responded as it often does to an outbreak of lawlessness: It sent in the troops.
Russia holding war games in Venezuela, sending alarming signals throughout Latin America
Snipers from Russia and other countries hostile to the US are competing in war games being held in Venezuela in events described as Olympic games for soldiers that were organized not only to show that Moscow still has friends but also that some of them are in Latin America.
Rights leader warned Congress about Haiti gangs. But the problem has only gotten worse
When the number of gang-involved massacres in Haiti stood at five a few years ago, the head of a leading human rights group warned U.S. lawmakers about the Caribbean nation’s exploding crises of gang violence and firearms trafficking.
Feds crack down on weapons smuggling to Haiti, an ‘alarming trend’
Firearms smuggling from South Florida to Haiti has spun into “an alarming trend” and the feds need the public’s help to plug the pipeline of illegal weapons exports to the violence-stricken Caribbean nation.