Chile’s lower house votes to impeach president over Pandora Papers allegations
Chile’s lower house voted early Tuesday to impeach President Sebastián Piñera over allegations of corruption in the Pandora Papers investigation - the latest political fallout from the media reports on the offshore financial system.
US warns Americans to leave Haiti as security crisis deepens, hostages remain captive
The Biden administration is urging U.S. citizens in Haiti “to strongly consider returning to the United States” amid a gang-aggravated fuel shortage and a deteriorating security climate in which 17 Christian missionaries, including 16 Americans, have been held hostage more than three weeks.
Australia, Thailand reopen borders after lengthy lockdowns
Australia and other countries in the Asia-Pacific have had some of the world’s strictest COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures and travel restrictions, but with vaccination rates rising and cases falling, many are now starting to cautiously reopen.
A Navy admiral bids farewell to SOUTHCOM as it welcomes the first woman to hold the top post
Gen. Laura Richardson last commanded the U.S. Army North and became the first woman to head SOUTHCOM — and only the second woman four-star U.S. military general to head a U.S. geographic combatant command.
‘This is a hemisphere of promise and freedom,’ says Navy Adm. Craig Faller as he leaves SOUTHCOM
U.S. Navy Adm. Craig Faller will relinquish leadership of U.S. Southern Command on Friday.
Pope Francis agrees to visit Canada amid calls for a residential schools apology
Pope Francis has agreed to visit Canada “on a pilgrimage of healing and reconciliation” with Indigenous people, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops said Wednesday.
How the US terrorist list is getting in the way of peace in Colombia
Five years after the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia turned in its weapons and committed to peace, the United States continues to list the group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Catatumbo and dozens of his former comrades remain “specially designated nationals” people connected to terrorism, drug trafficking or countries that have been targeted with sanctions by the U.S. Treasury.
Feds step up prosecutions of Venezuelan corruption and money laundering cases in Miami
After a slowdown during the coronavirus pandemic, federal authorities in South Florida are accelerating their crackdown on foreign corruption in Venezuela’s government and the diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars into the U.S. banking system.
Key suspect arrested in Haitian president’s assassination
Mario Palacios Palacios, a former Colombian military officer, was arrested in Kingston earlier this month. The arrest had remained secret. Palacios' arrest was confirmed by multiple Haitian and Jamaican sources speaking to the Miami Herald on the condition of anonymity.
Border arrests have soared to highest levels ever recorded, new CBP data shows
Illegal crossings began rising last year but skyrocketed in the months after President Joe Biden took office. As CBP arrests increased this past spring, Biden described the rise as consistent with historic seasonal norms. But the busiest months came during the sweltering heat of July and August, when more than 200,000 migrants were taken into custody.