Leftist's election to test Colombia's alliance with US
Gustavo Petro's election as Colombia's first leftist president is likely to test the U.S.' special relationship with a major non-NATO ally like never before.
Former US Marine jailed in Venezuela attempts suicide, is hospitalized in Caracas
Matthew Heath, who the State Department says has been jailed under “specious” charges, is currently stable after being treated for wounds on his left arm.
Canada will invest billions to modernize North America defense
Canada will invest $4.9 billion Canadian over the next six years to modernize North America's aging defensive systems.
Mexican marine kills 2 colleagues, civilian at base
Mexico's Navy Department said a marine stationed at a base on the Baja California peninsula opened fire Sunday, killing two fellow marines and a female civilian.
Coast Guard returns 45 migrants to Cuba after they were stopped off the Florida Keys
The U.S. Coast Guard sent 45 people back to Cuba on Sunday after stopping them off the Florida Keys last week.
After writer's murder in the Amazon, can his vision survive?
British journalist Dom Phillips' quest to unlock the secrets of how to preserve Brazil's Amazon was cut short this month when he was killed along with a colleague in the heart of the forest.
Brazil Indigenous expert was ‘bigger target’ in recent years
Before disappearing in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, Bruno Pereira was laying the groundwork for a mammoth undertaking: a 217-mile trail marking the southwestern border of the Javari Valley Indigenous territory, an area the size of Portugal.
Will one of Guatemala’s last independent judges be forced to flee, too?
Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez's reputation for independence amid criticism and threats in Guatemala has drawn praise from the US, which sees anticorruption efforts in Central America as crucial to reducing migration. But nothing, he said, prepared him for the attacks he has faced in recent weeks.
US sees perils for Russian influence in Americas if Ukraine war drags on
The fates of Russia’s military contracts with Peru, Bolivia and Brazil have grown precarious, with the United States sanctioning Russia’s defense industry and Moscow shoring up its assets as the war drags on.
Israel praises Argentina grounding plane with Iranian crew
Israel praised Argentina on Thursday for holding a Venezuelan plane that included Iranian crew, saying the flight shows Tehran is trying to expand its influence in South America.
Police: Amazon fisherman confesses to killing missing men
A fisherman confessed to killing a British journalist and an Indigenous expert in Brazil's remote Amazon region and took police to a site where human remains were recovered, a federal investigator said after a grim 10-day search for the missing pair.
Danish-Canadian deal ends 49-year-old feud over Arctic isle
A territorial dispute between Denmark and Canada over a barren and uninhabited rock in the Arctic that has led to decades of friendly friction has come to an end, with the two countries agreeing on Tuesday to divide the tiny island between them.
Seventh member of Haiti’s Special Olympics delegation goes missing
A seventh member has gone missing from Haiti’s delegation to a Special Olympics event recently staged in the Orlando area.
Bodies found tied to tree in search for journalist, Indigenous expert
The family of a missing journalist says they have been told by Brazilian authorities that two bodies have been found tied to a tree in the Amazon rainforest.
US focuses on UN presence in Haiti as it seeks to help troubled country
As Haiti grapples with an unprecedented wave of kidnappings and killings by armed gangs, a top State Department diplomat for Latin America and the Caribbean said Friday the U.S. is actively engaged in discussions about Haiti’s mounting security challenges.
Biden administration to make it easier for Cubans, Haitians to reunite with family in US
The Biden administration announced Friday that it will be making it easier for individuals from Haiti and Cuba to reunite with families in the U.S.
Biden faces doubts on US clout as leaders skip Americas Summit
President Joe Biden's attempt to shift focus to the Western Hemisphere has gotten off to a bumpy start, with the leader of Mexico snubbing his invitation to a Los Angeles summit this week and doubts swirling about the strength of U.S. influence in the region.
There were 200 kidnappings in Haiti in May, UN agency says
At least 188 people have been killed and almost 17,000 people have been displaced from Port-au-Prince since April 24 by gangs. And some 200 kidnapping cases in Port-au-Prince have been recorded in May alone.
Sexual misconduct report on Canadian military slams 'deficient' culture
Sexual misconduct allegations in the Canadian military should be exclusively investigated and prosecuted by civilian authorities, a blistering report concluded Monday.