Pentagon ready to commit at summit next week to new military priorities in Africa
The main purpose of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit next week is to implement a new American strategy jointly with Sub-Saharan Africa that aims to add long-term stability and deepen relations.
Russian mercenaries accused of using violence to corner diamond trade
Individuals linked to the Wagner Group have set up a shell company in the Central African Republic (CAR) to secure and sell diamonds, say researchers from two groups, France-based All Eyes on Wagner and the London-based Dossier Center.
For prolific Nigerian COVID scammer, first came the cash. Then came the chase.
Abidemi Rufai’s brazen and repeated pilfering of coronavirus relief funds eventually helped freeze the entire unemployment system in the state of Washington.
American military’s first medical mission to Angola in a decade bears fruit
The exercises are designed to train U.S. soldiers to deploy and practice medicine without the technology and tools they’re accustomed to.
The scandal that could sink South Africa’s president
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has become embroiled in a scandal almost five years after he took office with a pledge to fight corruption.
Where rank won’t get you anywhere: A look inside the US military’s jail in Europe
For nearly a decade, U.S. service members accused or convicted of crimes in Europe and Africa have been brought to a jail that many Germans and Americans living in the area know little about. 
Next COVID-19 strain may be more dangerous, lab study shows
A South African laboratory study using COVID-19 samples from an immunosuppressed individual over six months showed that the virus evolved to become more pathogenic.
As COP27 nears deadline, Europe makes 'final offer' of climate deal
The U.N. Climate Change Conference, also known as COP27, began what was supposed to be its last day with major uncertainties. Even as the conference venue ran low on food and water, participants were bracing for negotiations to drag on long past their scheduled 6 p.m. conclusion.
King Tut's tomb was discovered 100 years ago — and unleashed a 'curse'
One hundred years ago, the world became transfixed on a little-known pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty as gold, jewelry and other fantastic treasures saw the light of day for the first time in more than 3,000 years. Public attention shifted to the possibility of a curse plaguing all those who had entered King Tut's tomb.
French lawmaker suspended after shouting, 'Go back to Africa,' in Parliament
A French lawmaker was suspended from Parliament on Friday for shouting the words "go back to Africa" while a Black colleague was speaking about migrants.
UN: Russian invasion has uprooted 14 million Ukrainians
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has driven some 14 million Ukrainians from their homes in “the fastest, largest displacement witnessed in decades.”
Peace talks on Ethiopia's Tigray conflict are extended
Peace talks between warring sides on Ethiopia's Tigray conflict have been extended into this week, while the country's prime minister complained in comments broadcast Monday about "lots of intervention from left and right" in the process.
Navy ships’ crews save 3 from motorboat ablaze off coast of Yemen
The destroyer USS Nitze and the patrol coastal ship USS Monsoon rescued a trio of Yemeni nationals from a burning motorboat moments before it sank in the Gulf of Aden.
Sudan's military sacks commander after tribal clashes
Sudan's ruling military sacked a commander in the southern Blue Nile province after two days of fierce tribal clashes there last week killed at least 230 people and injured 250 others, the army announced Monday.
ISIS fighters terrorize Mozambique, threaten gas supply amid Ukraine war
One of the Islamic State’s newest branches is fueling a brutal conflict that has been raging in northern Mozambique for five years - and this insurgency has global implications.
Ethiopia steps up offensive against Tigray rebels
Ethiopia’s army stepped up an offensive against rebel fighters in the northern Tigray region, a move that’s set to worsen a humanitarian crisis triggered by a civil war that began almost two years ago.
Kenya to ask China for more time on $5B in railway line loans
Kenya plans to ask China for a longer repayment period on $5 billion of loans it used to build a new railway line, Transport Secretary-designate Kipchumba Murkomen says.
Flooding in Nigeria claims 500 lives, displaces 1.4 million people
The floods have also injured 1,546 people and completely destroyed 70,566 hectares of farmland and 45,249 homes, according to officials.
Bread joins fuel as flashpoint in Tunisia's economic crisis
The bakers’ guild’s call for the protest comes on the heels of an unprecedented fuel shortage earlier this month, raising concerns among Tunisians that months of scarcity in key staples will be getting worse.