Niger junta expels French ambassador while tensions mount

Niger’s military leadership expelled the French ambassador just as talks to restore democracy between the West African nation and its regional partners were making progress.

Wagner’s empire in Africa will live on after Prigozhin

The day before his private plane crashed near Moscow, Yevgeny Prigozhin released a recruitment video for the Wagner Group.

As Niger's crisis drags on, its West African neighbors are tested

Led by Nigeria’s Bola Tinubu, the bloc has taken an assertive stance.

Why a bloc of West African countries is threatening to invade Niger

The latest in a series of military coups in West Africa has led to fears of broader regional conflict, with a major political bloc in the region threatening military intervention in Niger unless the elected government is restored.

Putin, Xi and BRICS allies see chance to shake up world order

The BRICS bloc — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — will use an annual leaders' summit in Johannesburg this week to begin the process of enlisting more members to bolster its global heft.

Niger junta pledges return to democracy within 3 years

Niger’s self-declared military leader on Saturday proposed a return to democracy within three years.

On eve of Kenyan delegation visit to Haiti, gang violence soars, bodies litter streets

A powerful gang leader is threatening retaliation. Government negotiations are deadlocked over how the country, which currently has no elected leaders, should be governed. Thousands of people are on the run.

US military in Niger drawing up evacuation plans amid coup, Air Force general says

The U.S. military is drawing up plans for a potential withdrawal of its 1,100 troops from Niger, a counterterrorism ally in West Africa that is in the throes of a coup, the commander of U.S. air forces in Europe and Africa said Friday.

Here's where water is running out in the world — and why

New research shows that by 2050 an additional 1 billion people will live in areas with high levels of water stress. See where water is scarcest in the world — and why we need to conserve.

West African countries plan to deploy standby troops in Niger

West Africa’s economic bloc moved closer to intervening to overturn a coup in Niger, as global outrage grew over the treatment of deposed President Mohamed Bazoum.

UK seeks to send migrants to Rwanda, an extreme plan others could copy

The UK's Illegal Migration Act 2023 effectively bans those who enter Britain via unofficial means from applying for asylum here. The law places a legal duty on officials to detain and deport people back to their birth country, if that's possible, or to a "safe third country," including Rwanda.

Niger junta cuts food and water supplies to ousted leader

The leaders of a military coup in Niger are depriving ousted President Mohamed Bazoum of food, water and electricity at an army camp where he’s been held captive for the past two weeks, according to people familiar with the matter.

1,100 US troops in Niger to remain for the time being, Pentagon says

American service members deployed to Niger will stay there for now amid diplomatic efforts to restore the democratically elected president to power in the West African country, the Pentagon has decided.

US backs Niger diplomacy as region’s military threat wanes

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. backs regional efforts to bring a diplomatic resolution to the “extremely troubling” situation in Niger, where a junta ignored demands to relinquish power and began announcing a new cabinet.

Trump joins a notorious club: World leaders who got in legal trouble

There is a long history of leaders prosecuted before, during and after holding power, with representation across continents.

US turns up pressure in critical ally Niger as region faces threat from Russia-loyal Wagner Group

More than 1,000 U.S. troops are stationed in Niger, where they train the Nigerien military to battle jihadist terrorist groups active in the area.

Niger upheaval underscores US military’s challenges in African joint missions

A reported coup in Niger threatens to upend the U.S. approach to counterterrorism in a region where a string of military power grabs is challenging U.S. forces’ ability to coordinate on the ground.

Blinken says US aid to Niger in 'clear jeopardy' after military coup

Washington is poised to cut off humanitarian assistance to Niger if its democratically elected leader is not restored to power, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

General declares himself Niger's leader, citing 'insecurity' as reason for coup

Gen. Abdourahmane Tchiani said the “harsh reality of insecurity” had led the soldiers to overthrow President Mohamed Bazoum.