Senate confirms new leaders of SOCOM and AFRICOM, including Marine Corps’ first Black four-star general
The Senate has confirmed Army Lt. Gen. Bryan Fenton to lead Special Operations Command and Lt. Gen. Michael Langley to lead U.S. military forces in Africa as the first Black four-star general in Marine Corps history.
Ethiopia says ready for talks with Tigray forces 'anytime'
A senior Ethiopian official says the government is ready for talks with rival forces from the country's northern Tigray region "anytime, anywhere" and without preconditions, in a notable break from the past.
France pledges more security, education support to Benin
French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday pledged security cooperation and support to Benin as it fights rising threats of extremism, as well as investments in education and a cultural center for the West African nation.
Security threats in Africa call for new approach, outgoing AFRICOM leader says
The U.S. needs a revised approach to security in western Africa, as militant groups make inroads and Russian-backed mercenaries proliferate, U.S. Africa Command’s Gen. Stephen Townsend said.
Generals nominated to lead Special Operations and Africa commands promised quick confirmations by Senate panel
Army Lt. Gen. Bryan Fenton and Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Michael Langley told senators Thursday that they are prepared to counter terrorism threats and Chinese and Russian influence and prioritize troop well-being if confirmed to lead Special Operations Command and Africa Command respectively.
Mali's government asking UN mission spokesman to leave
Mali's government has given the UN mission in Mali spokesman 72 hours to leave the country following a standoff between the West African country and Ivory Coast over the detention of 49 soldiers who came to Mali to support a security group.
Plane crash in Somalia turns US troops providing medical training into on-scene caregivers
A trio of American soldiers teamed up with Somali counterparts they were training to become first responders at a fiery plane crash at the airport in the country’s capital.
‘I get chills thinking about it’: After 246 years, Marines set for their first Black four-star general
If confirmed, Michael E. Langley would be based in Stuttgart, assuming control of roughly 6,000 U.S. troops in Africa, including about 1,300 in West Africa and about 3,500 at a base in Djibouti, a spokeswoman said.
An attack on a military base in Somalia shows al-Shabab’s deadly power
The success of the May attack underscores the resurgence of al-Shabab and the challenges that African and American troops will face in containing the group.
US Army’s Africa-focused task force hands reins to new boss with strong French ties
Maj. Gen. Todd Wasmund took command Thursday of the Vicenza, Italy-based task force in charge of the Army’s efforts in Africa.
Mohammad Barkindo, OPEC secretary-general, dies at 63
OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Barkindo, an oil industry veteran who steered the group through the creation of the OPEC+ alliance, has died in his native Nigeria. He was 63.
West African bloc eases sanctions on Mali over democracy plan
Presidents of West Africa’s regional bloc agreed Sunday to lift economic and financial sanctions on Mali after the nation’s military leaders agreed to a return to democracy by 2024.
War’s no excuse for Kenya food crisis, says presidential hopeful
Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto dismissed comments by his boss that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is partly to blame for higher living costs, vowing to boost farming if he wins the presidency in August.
Munsch assumes command of Navy forces in Europe, Africa
Adm. Stuart B. Munsch took over this week as leader of the Navy’s forces in Europe and Africa, the service said.
Famine threatens wide swaths of the world, now worsened by Ukraine war
The number of people facing starvation more than doubled in just the last two years, to 345 million, according to United Nations figures.
In Africa, Eastern Europe battles Russian narrative on Ukraine
Eastern European allies are opening a new front in their battle to build diplomatic alliances against the Kremlin: African nations, many of which depend on grain and fertilizer from Ukraine and Russia to feed their citizens.
Fresh off fourth star, general likely headed to top post at US Army Europe and Africa
Gen. Darryl Williams is poised to become the first Black commander of U.S. Army Europe and Africa, leading ground forces at a crucial time for security in Europe.
Nominee to lead AFRICOM on track to be Marine Corps’ first ever Black four-star general
Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Michael Langley is President Joe Biden’s pick to be the next commander of U.S. Africa Command, the Pentagon said.
Long COVID may cause diabetes, hypertension, South African insurer says
Members of Discovery Health, monitored for about a year after contracting COVID-19, were more likely to seek care for the two chronic diseases.