Munsch assumes command of Navy forces in Europe, Africa
Adm. Stuart B. Munsch took over this week as leader of the Navy’s forces in Europe and Africa, the service said.
Famine threatens wide swaths of the world, now worsened by Ukraine war
The number of people facing starvation more than doubled in just the last two years, to 345 million, according to United Nations figures.
Survivors recount Mali's deadliest attack since coup
At least 132 people were killed in several villages in the Bankass area of central Mali during two days of attacks last weekend.
In Africa, Eastern Europe battles Russian narrative on Ukraine
Eastern European allies are opening a new front in their battle to build diplomatic alliances against the Kremlin: African nations, many of which depend on grain and fertilizer from Ukraine and Russia to feed their citizens.
Climate, malaria highlighted as Commonwealth leaders meet
Leaders of Commonwealth nations met in Rwanda's capital Friday to tackle climate change, tropical diseases and other challenges deepened by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Fresh off fourth star, general likely headed to top post at US Army Europe and Africa
Gen. Darryl Williams is poised to become the first Black commander of U.S. Army Europe and Africa, leading ground forces at a crucial time for security in Europe.
As Prince Charles anchors Commonwealth, challenges ahead
Prince Charles has become the first British royal to visit Rwanda, representing Queen Elizabeth II as the ceremonial head of the Commonwealth at a summit where both the 54-nation bloc and the monarchy face uncertainty.
Burkina Faso to create military zones to fight jihadist rebels
The formation of two new military zones is the latest attempt by Burkina Faso's military junta to secure the West African country amid escalating attacks by jihadist rebels linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group.
EU calls on Ethiopia to reconnect Tigray region to the world
The European Union says Ethiopia's government must reconnect its northern Tigray region to the world as a yearlong partial blockade has left food aid for almost 1 million hungry people stuck in warehouses without the fuel to deliver it.
Mali government says jihadi rebels killed 132 civilians
The killings happened when several villages in the Bankass area were attacked on Saturday and Sunday, the government said in a statement Monday.
Nominee to lead AFRICOM on track to be Marine Corps’ first ever Black four-star general
Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Michael Langley is President Joe Biden’s pick to be the next commander of U.S. Africa Command, the Pentagon said.
Long COVID may cause diabetes, hypertension, South African insurer says
Members of Discovery Health, monitored for about a year after contracting COVID-19, were more likely to seek care for the two chronic diseases.
New agreement will help identify missing Americans who served in North Africa during WWII
The remains of unknown US troops who died fighting in north Africa during World War II will be repatriated for identification under a new agreement.
Next AFRICOM leader could be the first Black four-star general in Marine Corps history
Lt. Gen. Michael Langley, a Marine with experience commanding American forces in Africa, has been recommended to serve as the next leader of U.S. Africa Command, The New York Times reported Friday. Langley, if confirmed, would be become the first Black four-star general in Marine Corps history.
Reversing Trump, Biden acts to deploy US troops to Somalia
The order also grants the Pentagon greater authority to carry out airstrikes in the country against about a dozen leaders of an al-Qaida-aligned militant group.
Two-star general becomes first woman to lead Horn of Africa command
An Army two-star general is the first woman to take command of forces at the only permanent American military base in Africa, a milestone in the military’s 20-year mission in Djibouti.
Senegal sees opportunity and ‘hypocrisy’ in Europe’s search for gas
Only months ago, world leaders pledged to stop financing new fossil fuel projects around the globe in a “historic” move against climate change. Now some of those leaders, desperate for energy as Russian flows dwindle, are turning to African nations with burgeoning reserves of oil and natural gas.
US weapon stockpiles worry some lawmakers as Ukraine war rages on
Shipments to Ukraine of weapons such as Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles have cut into the Pentagon’s inventory by about one-third, according to estimates by some lawmakers and experts during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.
US clears $1 billion deal to furnish Nigeria with attack helicopters, compliance training
US attack helicopters and related gear worth nearly $1 billion has been approved for sale to Nigeria, the US State Department announced, saying the deal will bolster security in a region facing threats from multiple extremist groups.