The 19 Marines who died in the 2000 Osprey crash

By Published: September 28, 2015

The 19 who died April 8, 2000, in the crash of Nighthawk 72, a V-22 Osprey. The men were assigned to the Marine Corps’ 3d Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, unless otherwise stated.

  • Sgt. Jose Alvarez, 28, of Uvalde, Texas.
  • Maj. John A. Brow, 39, a pilot with Marine Helicopter Squadron 1, of California, Md.
  • Pfc. Gabriel C. Clevenger, 21, of Picher, Okla.
  • Pfc. Alfred Corona, 23, of San Antonio.
  • Lance Cpl. Jason T. Duke, 28, of Sacramento, Calif.
  • Lance Cpl. Jesus Gonzales Sanchez, 27, of San Diego.
  • Maj. Brooks S. Gruber, 34, a pilot with Marine Helicopter Squadron 1, of Jacksonville, N.C.
  • Lance Cpl. Seth G. Jones, 18, of Bend, Ore.
  • 2nd Lt. Clayton J. Kennedy, 24, of Clifton Bosque, Texas.
  • Cpl. Kelly S. Keith, 22, with Marine Helicopter Squadron 1, of Florence, S.C.
  • Cpl. Eric J. Martinez, 21, with Marine Wing Communications Squadron 38, Marine Air Control Group 38, of Coconino, Ariz.
  • Lance Cpl. Jorge A. Morin, 21, of McAllen, Texas.
  • Cpl. Adam C. Neely, 22, of Winthrop, Wash.
  • Staff Sgt. William B. Nelson, 30, with Marine Air Control Group 38, of Richmond, Va.
  • Pfc. Kenneth O. Paddio, 23, of Houston.
  • Pfc. George P. Santos, 19, of Long Beach, Calif.
  • Pfc. Keoki P. Santos, 24, of Grand Ronde, Ore.
  • Cpl. Can Soler, 21, a rifleman, of Palm City, Fla.
  • Pvt. Adam L. Tatro, 19, of Brownwood, Texas.

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