Team capsules

By Published: November 16, 2017

Division I

Kadena Panthers

2016-17 season record — 13-10 overall; Far East D-I runner-up.
Head coach — Johnny Cooper, Elonzo Higginson, first season.
Key performers — Rhamsey Wyche, Sr., G (2016 D-I tournament MVP; two-time All-Far East D-I); Isabel Tayag, Sr., post (2016 All-Far East Division II, returning All-Far East D-I); Val Robles, Sr., G; Madison Sheppard, Sr., post; Alexis Erp, Jr., post; Korina Macato, Jr., G.
Outlook — Reloading. Panthers fairly deep in the backcourt; height may be an issue. Having Higginson, a former All-Marine coach, helps.

Kubasaki Dragons

2016-17 season record — 5-19 overall; sixth at Far East D-I.
Head coach — Steven Casner, second season.
Key performers — Ceara King, Sr., G; Haley Hansen, Jr., post; Ari Gieseck, So., G.
Outlook — Dragons lost three-time All-Far East scorer-rebounder-playmaker Chloe’ Stevens to a torn ACL. They’ll count on King, Hansen and Gieseck to replace all that production.

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils

2016-17 season record — 26-9 overall; 7-1, first in DODEA-Japan; fourth in Far East D-I.
Head coach — Mike Adair, fourth season.
Key performers — Jade McGinnis, Sr., G-post; Dallas Carter, So., G-post (returning All-Far East D-I); Annalicia Santos, Sr., G; Theodora Bates, Sr., post (transferred from Portsmouth, Va.
Outlook — Rebuilding. Young but scrappy. Carter’s and McGinnis’ presence down low gets a huge boost from Bates’ arrival.

Seoul American Falcons

2016-17 season record — 13-10 overall; 10-2, first in Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Blue Division regular season; fifth in Far East Division I Tournament.
Head coach — Edward Rozzi, first season.
Key performers — Krista Bradley, Sr., post (All-KAIAC and All-Far East in 2016; Alyse Neal, Sr., G; Maria Bruch, Jr., G; Renee Thompson, Sr., post; Ebony Dykes, So., post.
Outlook — Rebuilding. Some experience remains in the roster, with the inside game getting a boost from volleyball with Thompson and Dykes trying out.

Division II

Daegu Warriors

2016-17 season record — 0-18 overall.
Head coach — Victor Rivera, first season.
Key performers — Bethani Newbold, Fr., G; Deja Turner, Fr., G.
Outlook — Fifth new coach in five seasons and once more, the ranks from last season completely cleaned out. Two freshman guards showing promise. Rivera transfers from Puerto Rico and returns to the Pacific, where he coached at Zama and Matthew C. Perry.

E.J. King Cobras

2016-17 season record — 17-16 overall; fourth in Far East D-II.
Head coach — Yvonne Long, seventh season.
Key performers — Zanitta Boyd, Sr., G. (returning All-DODEA-Japan, All-Far East D-II; Gabi Shultz, So., G.
Outlook — Continued rebuilding, but with two good key pieces. Lack of depth continues to plague Cobras.

Robert D. Edgren Eagles

2016-17 season record — 16-14 overall; sixth in DODEA-Japan.
Head coach — Sarah Richardson, 28th season.
Key performers — Karen Anastos, Sr., G-post; Aaliyah Scott, Sr., Christina Taylor, Sr., post; Jada Flowers, So., G.
Outlook — Rebuilding. Good core of four around which to build, but lack of depth and experience. Nine new players who’ve never touched a ball before.

Humphreys Blackhawks

2016-17 season record — 4-17 overall; sixth in KAIAC Blue.
Head coach — Laura Corder, second season.
Key performers — Sydney Wilson, Sr., post; Chahkira Goodwater, Jr., PG (transferred from Seoul American); Krystal Duenas, So., P; Danika Torgerson, Sr., post.
Outlook — Reloading. Better than the school’s teams the first four seasons, but still a wait-and-see to gauge how much better KAIAC’s other teams are. Goodwater becomes the point guard that Corder and the Blackhawks have been waiting for for five seasons.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai

2016-17 season record — 11-17 overall; fifth in DODEA-Japan.
Head coach — To be determined.
Key performers — None provided.
Outlook — Reloading. The Samurai take the court for the first time in five years without a player named Erhart in the lineup; Lebet graduated last spring.

Osan Cougars

2016-17 season record — 15-8 overall; third in KAIAC Blue regular season.
Head coach — Sung Plourde, fourth season.
Key performers — Elizabeth White, Jr., G; Jana Rafi, Sr., PG; Christina Hoff, So., G; Maja Inthavixay, Jr., post; Allison Aston, So., post; Alexus Rosenthal, Fr., post.
Outlook — Cougars do have an influx of new post players; question of how soon they gel with the returning guards.

Yokota Panthers

2016-17 season record — 29-7 overall; second in DODEA-Japan; three-time defending Far East D-II champion.
Head coach — Byron Wrenn, first season.
Key performers — Jamia Bailey, Jr., G (All-Far East in 2015-17); Britney Bailey, Jr., C (All-Far East in 2017).
Outlook — Contending once again for DODEA-Japan and D-II. Bailey seniors are front and center on this team, with Britney bringing the power inside and Jamia quickness, range and defense to the backcourt.

Zama Trojans

2016-17 season record — 16-9 overall; third in DODEA-Japan; third in Far East D-II after two straight runner-up finishes.
Head coach — Aaron Wells, third season.
Key performers — None provided.
Outlook — Rebuilding. Many new faces, whom if they can develop might turn the Trojans into a contender by season’s end.

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