Sports Perspectives

Now, 4½ years in, the question is no longer whether the deal was worth it for the Washington Nationals. The question instead: Is Max Scherzer the best free agent signing of all time?


Jim Bouton opened the lid on the closed, old-boy network of baseball

Jim Bouton isn't a Hall of Famer, but baseball should find a way to pay tribute to him and acknowledge, almost 50 years later, his massive influence on the game.


Babe Ruth's Philadelphia story burnished his incomparable baseball career

Enduring baseball legend Babe Ruth played 171 American League games, spent nearly that many nights seeking earthy pleasures, and attended countless dinners, banquets and memorials in Philadephia.

Do the ESPYs matter? Nearly 30 years on, it’s what happens off the field that defines their legacy

Since 1993, ESPN has handed out the fan-voted ESPY Awards for excellence in athletic performance. But the ESPYs’ influence lie more in their noncompetitive interludes than the awards proper: Do you remember who won last year’s ESPY for best game?

Joe Renteria learned about work-family balance growing up around baseball; now he applies it to his own Navy career

As Rick Renteria went from major-league player to minor-league coach and manager to major-league coach and manager — now in his third season in charge of the White Sox — family time often also meant baseball time.


A new rite of passage for NFL draft hopefuls: Scrubbing their social media history

Agents and teams are vetting the social media accounts of top prospects more fervently than ever in the run-up to this month's NFL draft, and two of this class's top prospects have already seen their posting pasts come under fire.


As injuries and losses mount, LeBron James and the Lakers have accepted their fate

There was no denial, no hope, no fury, no sadness. The Los Angeles Lakers, beset by injuries and slipping further down the West's standings by the day, have accepted their fate. This is a lottery team, and they know it.