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Game 3 it didn’t seem all that important in the build-up to tip-off Thursday. And even after the game started it didn’t feel like the most important game of the year in the AT&T Center. That’s what happens when someone the entire NBA knows and respects endures a personal tragedy.


'All my best games I was medicated': Matt Barnes on his game-day use of marijuana

During his 15-year NBA career, Matt Barnes developed a reliable game-day routine. First there was the morning shoot-around. Then he'd go home for a rest, where he'd do what so many NBA players do during those long afternoons: nap, shower, eat a meal. But before all that, he'd smoke a joint.


We all love him, but it’s time for the Mariners to release Ichiro

The Ichiro moment of truth is coming quickly. The Seattle Mariners are doing everything within their power to put it off as long as they can, juggling the roster with moves that delay the inevitable, but you can see where this is going.


After days of derision, Cavaliers’ supporting cast makes a point, even in defeat

Together with a healthy roster for just the third game this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t solve all their problems against the Indiana Pacers. But the “Seven Dwarfs” proved they have pride.


Dodgers fall back again into funk of April, lose that special feeling

It felt like October, sweaters, blankets, fans huddled and howling. It looked like October, Dodgers and Washington Nationals, Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, playoff shadows, Cy Young shine. Then the October game started, and the Dodgers fell flat back into April.


NASCAR power rankings: The five best teams so far in 2018, and a surprise at No. 1

At this point in the NASCAR season, teams and drivers have revealed their true colors. We know, for the most part, who is contending this season and who is not. Who is good, and who is not-so-good.


'Super agents' rep 75 percent of NFL players, and it's a competitive fight to sign the rest

There are about 830 agents certified by the NFL Players Association — more than one for every three players in or around the league — which makes it a brutally competitive business. Roughly 75 percent of NFL players are represented by just 17 percent of all certified agents, according to NFLPA statistics.