Sports Perspectives

The pandemic and its accompanying contraction is a painful and uncertain experience all across the country. But one good thing has come of it: It has tilted some leverage to athletes, on whom so many overpaid livings depend.


Sports leagues are trying to salvage a year, but they should be trying to save a future

Sports are back not because they know it's safe, not because they know it's right, not because they are evangelical about the value of their entertainment. They are just doing what they know: play, make money, repeat, never quit.


Every sport has a coronavirus plan; baseball's lasted four days

"Back-to-normal," or even semi-normal, in sports was shattered Monday morning by the news that at least 14 members of the Miami Marlins and their staff have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in recent days.


The baseball season starts Thursday. How it ends is anyone's guess.

With a new regular season set to begin Thursday night at Nationals Park, baseball fans will get to see all the ways this season will be vastly different from others in the sport's history.


Rulon Gardner reflects on his life's challenges 20 years after stunning Olympic win

The wrestling champion, who is the subject of an upcoming documentary, details his struggles with money, weight and near-death experiences in his post-Olympic life.


Here's your guide to baseball's rules changes for the 2020 season

When Major League Baseball and its players' union announced last month that a shortened 2020 season would be held, significant rules changes were included.


Daniel Snyder turned what could have been an epiphany into grudging resignation

It is hardly a surprise to anyone that when Daniel Snyder was finally forced, kicking and screaming, to change the name of his football team, that he did it with the complete lack of grace that has come to symbolize his fractious ownership in the past 20 years.