Sports Perspectives

Agents and teams are vetting the social media accounts of top prospects more fervently than ever in the run-up to this month's NFL draft, and two of this class's top prospects have already seen their posting pasts come under fire.


As injuries and losses mount, LeBron James and the Lakers have accepted their fate

There was no denial, no hope, no fury, no sadness. The Los Angeles Lakers, beset by injuries and slipping further down the West's standings by the day, have accepted their fate. This is a lottery team, and they know it.


NFL's instant replay quandary is about finding a solution that can win approval

The NFL's competition committee has been adamantly against making judgment calls by the on-field officials, such as pass interference, subject to replay review. That reluctance was apparent again this week.


After the abuse Jackie Robinson endured, Frank Robinson refused to take it

A few seasons after Jackie Robinson retired, Frank Robinson did something Jackie only dreamed of, something he swore never to do, something that ate at him for as long as he was on the diamond. Frank Robinson fought back.


The Patriots' secret is focusing on the details. Every. Last. Detail.

Every NFL club is a complex organism with assets in different departments, but the New England Patriots more than any team in history are able to resolve all facets into performance on the field in crucial moments.


Something is rotten about baseball free agency

One reason proffered for the slow free agent signings last year was that teams were hoarding cash to prepare for the monster free agents to come this year, including Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. Except that we are now in very late January, with pitchers and catchers reporting in less than a month, and both superstars remain unsigned.


The NFL, not the federal government, should pay for Super Bowl security

When a city bids on a Super Bowl, the NFL stipulates that pregame and day-of-game security will be incurred "at no cost to the NFL." For the host city, that might be an acceptable trade-off: Cities solicit funding from big donors or host committees to offset or augment the cost to public entities in exchange for the event's anticipated (or, at least, hoped for) cachet and revenue. There's no such trade-off for the federal government.