Sports Perspectives

LeBron James and the rest of the NBA need to decide which audience they value more, the Chinese one, or the American one. The choice is stark and no amount of confusing the issue with cultural relativism and talk of rudeness to the host can obscure it.


For high school offensive linemen, fat-shaming and health risks come with the territory

Fat-shaming has long been associated with the offensive lineman position, and it can be especially cruel in the formative years of teenagers who are aggressively adding body mass in pursuit of college scholarships.


Navy's program-defining win was eight months in the making

Navy’s gutsy, hard-fought 34-25 victory over Air Force in the first leg of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy series validated all the moves made by head coach Ken Niumatalolo since the end of last season.


Just another service academy thriller, stuffed with emotion

The things that make military academy football unique must be seen, experienced and felt. But there was a moment Saturday evening just a few minutes after Navy had beaten Air Force, 34-25, in a donnybrook of a game that provided a dramatic snapshot of why this rivalry — like Army-Navy and Army-Air Force — is so special.


Here’s why a 93-year-old World War II veteran won’t stop going to KC Royals games

The most interesting Royals fan in the stadium is talking about the time he went spikes up into second base and ripped the pants of the shortstop who would eventually become a hit man in the Kansas City mob.


Max Scherzer's approach to his last 15 pitches explains everything about him

Max Scherzer cares most about his last 15 pitches. He emphasizes them in his bullpens, to his catchers and to the media after every start. The 15 pitches aren't exactly 15 pitches, it's a concept.


As Captain Andrew Luck retreats, Navy safety is ambushed with a parody Twitter account

It's a complete copycat of the Captain Andrew Luck Twitter feed. In it, Navy football player Elan Nash purportedly writes to his mother about current events as though he were a soldier in the Union Army.