Sports Perspectives

The NFL is a zero-sum enterprise. When fantastic teams like Kansas City and New Orleans blaze through the league, someone has to soak up the losses. But the poles are further apart this season than ever, likely for reasons beyond plain flukiness.


Defiant Air Force football team promises to topple Army next time

Quarterback Donald Hammond III made a gigantic promise, and he made the promise twice. “We’re not going to lose to them again,” Hammond said of the Army team that defeated Air Force, 17-14.


What Alex Cora can teach America's leaders

What did Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora do, exactly, that made him so special? It is worth considering this seriously because there are ways in which Cora faces an environment just as hostile as our elected officials in Washington.


Notre Dame football owes huge debt to Navy

“We were out of business during World War II,” former Notre Dame President Rev. Theodore Hesburgh said in a 1992 interview with the South Bend Tribune. “Navy came in and kept us afloat until the war was over.” That does much to explain why Notre Dame has continued to annually schedule Navy.


Red Sox want to be immortalized as greatest team in franchise history

If the Red Sox win the World Series, finishing the year with 119 victories — the third highest total ever attained in baseball history — they may be forever immortalized.


Astros left wondering what went wrong after season ends in ALCS

Many around the game, even many outside their own clubhouse, believed the Astros were the most dangerous, most flawlessly constructed and most formidable team in baseball right up until the moment, at 11:41 Central time Thursday night, when it was proved they weren't.


'Sheer mental will' drives college football players at Navy

At Notre Dame, the history drips … from Knute Rockne and The Four Horsemen to Rudy and Touchdown Jesus. At Navy, cell phone alarms roust Midshipmen all across Nimitz Library in a new-age tribute to the most treasured commodity on campus: REM sleep.