Sports Perspectives

Just four years ago, the Midshipmen set a single-season record by winning 11 games. How did this proud program fall so far, so fast?


Nothing in sports moves me like the Army-Navy game

It doesn't matter who wins the game; when they play the alma maters, I cry. For 14 years, when I was the color commentator on the Navy radio network, I would tell Bob Socci, who did play-by-play, "When the alma maters end, don't ask me a question right away. I'm going to need a minute."


Two cases of player violence against women turn the NFL season 'upside down'

The two cases were near opposites, but they both exposed flaws in the NFL's handling of domestic violence cases.


Bryce Harper arrived as a massive promise. If he leaves Nationals, what will his legacy be?

More than six years since his major league debut, and more than two months since what could have been his final game in a Nationals uniform, Bryce Harper may stray from the only city he has ever played in.


Air Force offense thriving under the diverse skill set of sophomore QB Hammond

The numbers show something that likely doesn’t surprise those who have followed Air Force this year — the offense is essentially the same with Donald Hammond III at quarterback, but much better.


For fans of teams with bad owners, there's no 'right' way to show frustration

How should a fan cope with a sports team owner who, decade after decade, proves to be incompetent or even, at time, disgraceful? Unfortunately, few parts of America have more experience with this problem than Washington. It's a noose that binds us together.


In the NFL, the gap between the haves and have-nots is growing wider

The NFL is a zero-sum enterprise. When fantastic teams like Kansas City and New Orleans blaze through the league, someone has to soak up the losses. But the poles are further apart this season than ever, likely for reasons beyond plain flukiness.