Sports Perspectives

As a child, Brett Gerena constantly watched a box set of war movies. The Jesuit High linebacker would always read about military history, too. His fixation with the armed forces extended to the gridiron, particularly with his devotion to Army.


Titans' first-year offensive coordinator Arthur Smith leans on advice from Jim Mattis

Arthur Smith is often one of the last coaches to emerge from the Tennessee Titans' facility late at night, and a few times a week he will call his father for 15 minutes or so. Fred Smith will be usually getting ready for bed when his phone rings, ready to sleep off another day as the founder and CEO of FedEx, but he always takes his son's call.


How come Navy's Malcolm Perry is not in consideration for the Heisman Trophy?

At no point this season has Navy's Malcolm Perry received serious consideration for the Heisman Trophy, and that’s a darn shame. It reflects a bias on the part of the national media against players from the so-called Group of Five conferences.


As Missouri's football search continues, could a service academy coach thrive in the SEC?

From a football sense, can coaching success at West Point or the Naval Academy or Air Force translate at a Power Five program like Missouri? MU athletics director Jim Sterk figures to be asking that question this week.


A veteran and grandfather's kinetic tribute — on the arm of Chase Young, college football's best player

Authentic souls such as Air Force veteran Carl H. Robinson tend to linger vividly in mind, but as Chase Young returns Saturday from a two-game suspension, his grandfather will live on in the 21st-century method of utmost tribute.


Why NBA referee Matt Boland credits the military for straightening out his life

"I was in a point in my life where I was in college and not focused and not doing well and joined the National Guard in 1987," NBA referee Matt Boland remembered. "I came back a different person."


The former Expos are finally in the World Series, and Montreal isn't sure what to think

After the Montreal Expos may have left Canada for Washington in 2005, a small cohort of their fans never abandoned the ballclub. But plenty of other Montrealers can, or at least can actively not pay attention to the team they once called "Nos Amours," or in English, "Our Loves."