Sports Perspectives

A football titan but decades of futility, as Army comes to Oklahoma on Saturday night, the Black Knights are no longer standing on the side of the road.


Fantasy football bust? Hold or fold on David Johnson, Allen Robinson and others

We’re two weeks into the season, so you don’t want to be too hasty in abandoning the players you scouted and drafted. But by keeping dead weight on your roster, you risk passing up some hot commodities on the waiver wire.

Scoring is up and QBs are having their way with defenses. It's just what the NFL wanted.

The question at some point may become: Has the NFL gone too far to tilt the competitive balance toward offenses and, in particular, quarterbacks? But nobody appears ready to make any declarations about that quite yet. For now, it's simply all about marveling over the offensive eruption.


A pitcher for NL MVP? The numbers make a compelling case

With 2½ weeks left in the season, it's time to ask: Should Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer or Aaron Nola be MVP?


Homecoming queen swaps tiara for her football helmet, kicks winning point

It turned out to be a busy night for Ocean Springs High School homecoming queen and football kicker Kaylee Foster, whose two field goals from 20 and 30 yards out accounted for all the Greyhounds' scoring during regulation play.


Sexist power play ruins powerful final

Chair umpire Carlos Ramos managed to rob not one but two players in the women's U.S. Open final. Nobody has ever seen anything like it: An umpire so wrecked a big occasion that both players, Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams alike, wound up distraught with tears streaming down their faces during the trophy presentation and an incensed crowd screamed boos at the court.


A linebacker and a Harvard whiz get themselves in a heap of trouble over stock tips

Mychal Kendricks said he was drawn in by the allure of being more than just a football player. But that did not stop him from worrying the first time he got involved with insider trading.