Sports Perspectives

The New England Patriots signed Cam Newton to a one-year, incentive-heavy contract — a no-risk, immense-reward deal that gives the Patriots a singular talent to replace Tom Brady.


NASCAR looks to a new audience after month of controversy

NASCAR has long struggled to expand its fan base across socioeconomic and regional divides from the South. Public stands against racism are one step.


In following Bubba Wallace, NASCAR rightly walked away from a despicable history

The NASCAR drivers who marched on the track at Talladega Superspeedway had a certainty in their step that felt momentous. They weren't just walking with Wallace. They were walking away from something: a past.


Noose in Bubba Wallace's garage stall is a defining moment for NASCAR

Hate, not heritage. Pure hate. What else could prompt a person, or multiple people, to place a noose in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the man who nudged NASCAR into finally outlawing the Confederate flag?


Confederate flag long has flown in the face of NASCAR's hopes for broader appeal

From the time NASCAR set its sights on becoming a major league sport with national reach, the Confederate flag has been a part of a Southern heritage the sport's executives have tried to shed.


Remembering NFL players Bob Kalsu and Don Steinbrunner, who died in Vietnam

Buffalo Bills guard Bob Kalsu and Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Don Steinbrunner were the only professional football players to lose their lives in battle during the Vietnam War.


Baseball can't lose its standing in these difficult times

Baseball may no longer be America's pastime, but during times like these its symbolic power, imbued in its history, may be greater than all other sports combined.