Sports Perspectives

A player died on head coach DJ Durkin's watch. Amazingly, though, if details in a blistering ESPN report Friday are to be believed — and they should be — that's not the worst part.


There’s no good reason to object to Barry Bonds’ number retirement

Barry Bonds is immortalized in too many places to count in the Giants’ venerable home. Clearly, the team is proud of their association with Bonds. So why wouldn’t his number be formally retired?


NASCAR season ending soon, which stars are at risk of missing the playoffs?

There are only four races left in the 2018 Cup Series regular season. Some of the sport’s recognizable names won’t be joining in on the postseason festivities.

Does college football have an answer for how to beat Alabama?

The same predicament arises every summer. With a new season approaching, college football must once again ask: How do we beat Alabama? The Crimson Tide dynasty has now stretched nearly a decade with five national championships and counting.


The problem isn’t the Little League World Series, it’s that we watch it

All youth sports have gone off the rails to a certain degree, with travel teams and academy programs and $100 per hour “privates” and pre-pubescent specialization and overuse injuries and burnout.


2016 salary cap spike helped Warriors and hurt NBA. Worse, nobody saw that coming.

A month into the NBA's annual free agency period, many available players have had to scrounge for whatever they can get or opt into existing deals. After teams' wild spending in 2016, there simply isn't enough money to go around.

Pro Football Hall of Fame reportedly considering a 'show up or else' rule

The Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony was Saturday night, and Terrell Owens wasn't there, choosing to hold an induction ceremony of his very own in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was, he said, an act of protest.