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By STARS AND STRIPES Published: February 16, 2019

High school


42nd Far East High School Wrestling Tournament
At Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan
Dates — Feb. 21-23.
Format — Combined individual freestyle and dual-meet tournament, freestyle bouts the first 1½ days, dual meets the last 1½ days. Team scoring done by divisions; individual bouts conducted inter-division.
Participating teams — Division I: Nile C. Kinnick, St. Mary’s, American School In Japan, Humphreys, Kadena, Kubasaki. Division II: Robert D. Edgren, Zama, Yokota, Matthew C. Perry, E.J. King, Seoul American, Osan, Daegu.

Team championship leaders
Combined, Division I

Kubasaki Dragons 25
St. Mary's Titans 16
Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils 12
Kadena Panthers 6
American School In Japan Mustangs 4
Seoul American Falcons 3
Zama Trojans 2
Yokota Panthers 2
Division II
Robert D. Edgren Eagles 9
Yokota Panthers 4
Zama Trojans 3
Christian Academy Japan 1
Osan Cougars 1

Returning Far East tournament champions
Caleb Heino, 101, Yokota; Eiji Kasahara, 108, St. Mary’s; Kojiro VanHoose, 122, Osan (two-time champion; won at 108 in 2017); Chris Mason, 215, Nile C. Kinnick; Marshall China, heavyweight, Matthew C. Perry.

Favorites and contenders
101 —
His to lose: Alexi Mutoh, Kinnick (second at Beast of the Far East, Kanto Plain finals champion). In the hunt: Dylan Huddleston, Kubasaki; Mikhail Titov, St. Mary’s. Sleeper pick: Manuel Ramos, Kadena (third at Beast).
108 — His to lose: Jordan Van Druff, CAJ (Beast and Kanto champion). In the hunt: Heino (second at Beast and Kanto); Jeremy Cho, Humphreys.
115 — His to lose: Kasahara (second at Beast, Kanto champion). In the hunt: Take Zoot, ASIJ (third at Beast, Kanto runner-up); Fuente Pedro, Humphreys; Austin Carpenter, Kubasaki. Sleeper pick: Joe Frazier, CAJ.
122 — His to lose: Harold Mancia, St. Mary’s (Beast and Kanto 129-pound champion). In the hunt: Ira Kadet, ASIJ (Kanto champion, third at Beast); Jaylen Mayers, Kubasaki. Sleeper pick: Sam Lister, Humphreys.
129 — His to lose: VanHoose (unbeaten in Korea). In the hunt: Kenerick McDanel, Kinnick (second at Beast and Kanto); Caleb Orr, Kubasaki. Sleeper pick: Ulises Yu, Humphreys. Stronger bracket: Lower. VanHoose slotted to meet McDanel in semifinal.
135 — His to lose: Will Allen, Humphreys (second at Beast, unbeaten in Korea; beat Kanto champion William Krcelic of St. Mary’s at Beast). In the hunt: Krcelic; Victor Saavedra, Kubasaki. Sleeper pick: Josiah Millare, Kinnick.
141 — His to lose: Nishant Chanda, St. Mary’s (Beast and Kanto champion). In the hunt: Egan Sadler, ASIJ (fourth at Beast, second in Kanto); Kristian Irons, Perry (third at Beast); Ben Lister, Humphreys. Sleeper pick: Ethan Hamilton, Kinnick (has beaten both Chanda and Sadler).
148 — Judged by observers to be the toughest at Far East. His to lose: Rin Zoot, ASIJ (Beast champion, Kanto 158-pound champion, Kanto Outstanding Wrestler). In the hunt: Luke Moseley, Kubasaki (second at Beast); Jaiden Workman, Humphreys (third at Beast); Ethan Hovenkotter, Edgren. Sleeper pick: Cole Lawler, St. Mary’s (Kanto champion). Observer’s quote: “Zoot could wrestle at 141, 148, 158, 168 or 180, win the weight class and be named Outstanding Wrestler.”
158 — His to lose: Warren Koslow, St. Mary’s (Beast and Kanto runner-up). In the hunt: Marcus Inthavixay, Osan (unbeaten in Korea); Finton Cawley, Kadena; James Ahn, Humphreys; Cody Dettman, Edgren; Gavin Jackson, Daegu. Sleeper pick: Marc Morgan, Kinnick (led Koslow 8-0 in one bout).
168 — His to lose: Zenon Sadler, ASIJ (Beast and Kanto champion). In the hunt: Bradleigh McCollum, Edgren (fourth at Beast); Oakley Mueller, Kubasaki; Lev Titov, St. Mary’s (second at Beast and Kanto). Stronger bracket: Upper. Sadler and Mueller slotted to meet in semifinal.
180 — His to lose: Austin Koslow, St. Mary’s (Beast and Kanto champion). In the hunt: Austin Fisher, Yokota (Beast and Kanto runner-up); Brian Choe, Seoul American; Jason Dudley, Edgren.
215 — His to lose: Haydn Peterson, Kubasaki (Beast champion). In the hunt: Mason; Chase Quigley, Edgren. Sleeper pick: Jaray Mensah, Osan.
Heavyweight — His to lose: China (Beast champion). In the hunt: Matthew Mahlstede, Kubasaki (Beast runner-up); Desmond Martin, Zama (Kanto champion, third at Beast).

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