High school

Cross countrySouth KoreaSaturday at SeoulBoysSeoul American 26, Seoul Foreign 29Seoul Foreign 26, Korea International 30Seoul Foreign 17, Yongsan International-Seoul 41Yongsan International-Seoul 24, Taejon Christian International 32Seoul American 17, Taejon Christian International 40Korea International 19, Taejon Christian International 411, Henry Valentine-Ramsden, SFS, 18 minutes, 40 seconds; 2, George Dornbach, SFS, 19:02; 3, Ryan Parker, SAHS, 19:13; 4, Alex Kim, KIS, 19:46; 5, Damon Briggs, SAHS, 20:05; 6, Will Hanlen, SAHS, 20:08; 7, Kya Paris, KIS, 20;11; 8, Austin Midkiff, TCIS, 20:15; 9, Sunha Park, KIS, 20:24; 10, Nick Millet, SAHS, 20:34GirlsSeoul Foreign 25, Seoul American 36Seoul Foreign 15, Korea International 44Seoul Foreign 27, Yongsan International-Seoul 30Yongsan International-Seoul 15, Taejon Christian International 50Taejon Christian International 26, Seoul American 29Korea International 15, Taejon Christian International 501, Julie Byun, International Christian-Uijongbu, 24 minutes, 22 seconds; 2, Sally Lee, SAHS, 24:58; 3, Blout Nailah, SAHS, 25:01; 4, Skye Chung, SFS, 25:11; 5, Hannah Parrish, YIS-S, 25:16; 6, Elizabeth Vought, YIS-S, 25:45; 7, Colleen Vought, YIS-S, 25:48; 8, Jeong-a Choi, SFS, 25:54; 9, Julia Aulbach, SFS, 26:16; 10, Margaux Spriet, SFS, 26:19

TennisJapanSaturday at TokyoBoysSt. Mary’s International 4, Christian Academy Japan 1SinglesKent Shikama, St. Mary’s, def. Shuhei Tanaka 6-2, 6-0; Jeremy Auvaro, St. Mary’s, def. Subaru Ueno 7-5, 4-6, 6-3; McKenzie Lee, St. Mary’s, def. Brady Carrico 6-0, 6-0DoublesBaba-Wordell, CAJ, def. Kershaw-He 7-5, 5-7, 7-6 (tiebreak score unavailable); Swaminathan-Koegle, St. Mary’s, def. Driscoll-Wordell 6-1, 6-1

South KoreaFriday at Yongsan GarrisonBoysYongsan International-Seoul 5, Seoul American 0SinglesJun Lee def. Andrew Clark 9-7; Alex Kwon def. C.J. Mitchell 9-7; Donghyun Koo def. Nick Gagnet 8-4DoublesNick Kim and Joseph Gang def. David Han and Aaron Miyagi 8-6; Brian Kim and Wonseuk Her def. David Park and Trayland Rose 8-1GirlsSeoul American 4, Yongsan International-Seoul 1SinglesJenny Lee, YIS-S, def. Sherie Yoon 8-5; Jenny Han, SAHS, def. Dongmin Koo 8-5; Grace Cho, SAHS, def. Amanda Lee 8-3DoublesAshley Cho and Carson Allen, SAHS, def. Kathy Park and Judy Park 8-3Laura Yeom and Marissa Lawrence, SAHS, def. Joanne Ryu and Ga Rim Kim

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