InterserviceSoftball21st Pacificwide Open Interservice Softball TournamentAt Lombardo Field FourPlex and Field 5, South Post, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea

Day 4 results

Men’s A double-elimination playoffs

Sunday’s games

Game 1—American Legion, Okinawa, 21, Daegu/Area IV, South Korea, 3Game 2—Osan Air Base, South Korea, 22, International Guzzlers 14Game 3—Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, 22, Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan, 2Game 4—Misawa Air Base, Japan, 40, Yokota Air Base, Japan, 23Game 5—International Guzzlers 23, Daegu/Area IV 20; Daegu/Area IV eliminatedGame 6—Yokota Air Base 23, Naval Air Facility Atsugi 13/Naval Air Facility Atsugi eliminatedGame 7—American Legion 24, Osan Air Base 8Game 8—Misawa Air Base 30, Kunsan Air Base 28Game 9—Yokota Air Base 16, Osan Air Base 14; Osan Air Base eliminatedGame 10—International Guzzlers 15, Kunsan Air Base 14; Kunsan Air Base eliminatedGame 11—American Legion 15, Misawa Air Base 0Game 12—International Guzzlers 24, Yokota Air Base 9; Yokota Air Base eliminatedGame 13—International Guzzlers 24, Misawa Air Base 12; Misawa Air Base eliminated

Monday’s games

Game 14—American Legion 31, International Guzzlers 29; International Guzzlers eliminated

Men’s B double-elimination playoffs

Sunday’s games

Game 1—Scrapalators 22, Signal, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea, 7Game 2—No. 1 Sons of Shanghai, China, 24, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea, 3Game 3—Camp Casey, South Korea, 19, Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, 4Game 4—Club Red, Okinawa, 20, Camp Humphreys, South Korea, 5Game 5—Yongsan Garrison 22, Signal 6; Signal eliminatedGame 6—Camp Humphreys 22, Camp Red Cloud 13; Camp Red Cloud eliminatedGame 7—Scrapalators 20, No. 1 Sons of Shanghai 1Game 8—Camp Casey 18, Club Red 16Game 9—No. 1 Sons of Shanghai 25, Camp Humphreys 15; Camp Humphreys eliminatedGame 10—Yongsan Garrison 33, Club Red 21; Club Red eliminatedGame 11—Scrapalators 24, Camp Casey 20Game 12—Yongsan Garrison 14, No. 1 Sons of Shanghai 12; No. 1 Sons of Shanghai eliminatedGame 13—Camp Casey 20, Yongsan Garrison 10; Yongsan Garrison eliminated

Monday’s games

Game 14—Scrapalators 28, Camp Casey 27; Camp Case eliminatedThird-place game—Camp Casey 14, International Guzzlers 11

Men’s championship(best-of-three)

Game 1—Scrapalators 31, American Legion 30Game 2—Scrapalators 33, American Legion 16 (3); Scrapalators win series 2-0

Men’s C double-elimination playoffs

Sunday’s games

Game 1—Suwon Air Base 7, Han Young 0, forfeitGame 2—Sustainment Training Brigade-Korea 12, 595th Maintenance 9Game 3—Bulldogs 7, Lions 0, forfeitGame 4—501st Military Intelligence 10, Geckos Glaciers Hockey Club 2Game 5—595th Maintenance 7, Han Young 0, forfeit; Han Young eliminatedGame 6—Geckos Glaciers Hockey Club 7, Lions 0; Lions eliminatedGame 7—Sustainment Training Brigade-Korea 12, Suwon Air Base 9Game 8—Bulldogs 10, 501st Military Intelligence 7

Monday’s games

Game 9—Suwon Air Base vs. Geckos Glaciers Hockey Club, Field 2, 6 a.m.Game 10—501st Military Intelligence vs. 595th Maintenance, Field 5, 6 a.m.Game 11—Sustainment Training Brigade-Korea vs. Bulldogs, Field 2, 7:30 a.m.Game 12—Suwon Air Base 17, 595th Maintenance 6; 595th Maintenance eliminatedGame 13—Suwon Air Base 16, Bulldogs 6; Bulldogs eliminatedGame 14—Sustainment Training Brigade-Korea 12, Suwon Air Base 1; Suwon Air Base eliminated

Women’s double-elimination playoffs

Sunday’s games

Game 1—Camp Humphreys, South Korea, 7, Red Fox, South Korea, 0; forfeitGame 2—Yokota Air Base, Japan, 25, Pyongtaek, South Korea, 16Game 3—Daegu/Area IV, South Korea, 7, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea, 6Game 4—Yard Busters, Okinawa, 11, Camp Casey, South Korea, 3Game 5—Osan Air Base, South Korea, 13, Camp Humphreys, South Korea, 2Game 6—Kyungnam, South Korea, 13, Yokota Air Base 2Game 7—Yongsan Garrison 14, Pyongtaek 4; Pyongtaek eliminatedGame 8—Camp Casey 7, Red Fox 0, forfeit; Red Fox eliminatedGame 9—Yongsan Garrison 9, Camp Humphreys 8; Camp Humphreys eliminatedGame 10—Camp Casey 13, Yokota Air Base 2; Yokota Air Base eliminatedGame 11—Osan Air Base 10, Daegu/Area IV 9Game 12—Kyungnam 16, Yard Busters 1

Monday’s games

Game 13—Daegu/Area IV 13, Camp Casey 9; Camp Casey eliminatedGame 14—Yard Busters 8, Yongsan Garrison 4; Yongsan Garrison eliminatedGame 15—Osan Air Base 14, Kyungnam 11Game 16—Daegu/Area IV 9, Yard Busters 7; Yard Busters eliminatedGame 17—Kyungnam 16, Daegu/Area IV 5; Daegu/Area IV eliminatedGame 18—Kyungnam 12, Osan Air Base 6Game 19—Kyungnam 13, Osan Air Base 12; Osan Air Base eliminated

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