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Basketball2011 March Madness Interservice Basketball TournamentAt Coral Reef Fitness & Sports Center, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam(x-qualified for double-elimination playoffs)

MenPool Ax-Area I, South Korea, 6-0x-Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, 5-1x-Area IV, South Korea, 4-2x-Team Justice, Guam, 3-3PROA/CNMI Nationals, Saipan, 2-4Naval Hospital, Guam, 1-5Rollers, Saipan, 0-6Sunday’s gamesAndersen Air Force Base 110, Team Justice 45Area IV 53, PROA/CNMI Nationals 46Area I 126, Rollers 24Area IV 73, Naval Hospital 57Area I 74, Andersen Air Force Base 48Team Justice 79, Rollers 47PROA/CNMI Nationals 66, Naval Hospital 51Monday’s gamesAndersen Air Force Base 76, Rollers 55Area I 68, PROA/CNMI Nationals 59Area IV 92, Rollers 46Andersen Air Force Base 87, PROA/CNMI Nationals 57Area I 68, Naval Hospital 59Area IV 84, Team Justice 83Team Justice 83, Naval Hospital 61Tuesday’s gamesAndersen Air Force Base 77, Naval Hospital 47Area I 68, Area IV 55PROA/CNMI Nationals 61, Rollers 50Andersen Air Force Base 63, Area IV 60Naval Hospital 70, Rollers 64Area I 81, Team Justice 52Team Justice 74, PROA/CNMI Nationals 66Pool Bx-Area III, South Korea, 5-1x-Osan Air Base, South Korea, 5-1x-Guam National Team, 5-1x-Joint Region Marianas, Guam, 3-3Defenders, Guam, 1-5MVP Stars, Guam, 1-5Hoopaholics, Saipan, 1-5Sunday’s gamesArea III 59, Guam National Team 46Area III 74, Defenders 49Hoopaholics 65, Joint Region Marianas 41Defenders 2, MVP Stars 0, walkoverOsan Air Base 72, Joint Region Marianas 48Guam National Team 64, Hoopaholics 26Osan Air Base 94, MVP Stars 87Monday’s gamesOsan Air Base 85, Hoopaholics 46Osan Air Base 80, Defenders 59Area III 65, Hoopaholics 16Guam National Team 91, Defenders 59Joint Region Marianas 73, MVP Stars 64Area III 59, MVP Stars 28Tuesday’s gamesDefenders 64, Hoopaholics 55Osan Air Base 65, Area III 53MVP Stars 64, Hoopaholics 63Guam National Team 47, Osan Air Base 44Area III 62, Joint Region Marianas 42Joint Region Marianas 73, MVP Stars 44Wednesday’s gamesGuam National Team 52, Joint Region Marianas 51Guam National Team 61, MVP Stars 38Double-elimination playoffsThursday’s gamesGame 1—Area I 88, Joint Region Marianas 62Game 2—Area III 2, Team Justice 0, walkoverGame 3—Osan Air Base 70, Area IV 60Game 4—Guam National Team 64, Andersen Air Force Base 48Game 5—Area IV 91, Joint Region Marianas 70; Joint Region Marianas eliminatedGame 6—Andersen Air Force Base 72, Team Justice 66; Team Justice eliminatedFriday’s gamesGame 7—Area I vs. Osan Air Base, 6 p.m.Game 8—Guam National Team vs. Area III, 6 p.m.Game 9—Area IV vs. Game 7 loser, 10 p.m.Game 10—Andersen Air Force Base vs. Game 8 loser, 10 p.m.Saturday’s gamesGame 11—Game 7 winner vs. Game 8 winner, 11 a.m.Game 12—Game 9 winner vs. Game 10 winner, 11 a.m.Game 13—Game 11 loser vs. Game 12 winner, 4:30 p.m.Game 14—Game 11 winner vs. Game 13 winner, 8:30 p.m.Game 15—Game 11 winner vs. Game 13 winner if Game 11 winner loses Game 14, time to be announced

Womenx-Guam National Team, 5-1x-Area III, South Korea, 4-2x-Area I, South Korea, 3-3x-Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, 0-6Sunday’s gamesGuam National Team 57, Area III 39Guam National Team 59, Area I 41Area III 58, Andersen Air Force Base 31Monday’s gamesArea I 43, Area III 35Area I 61, Andersen Air Force Base 40Area III 62, Guam National Team 60Tuesday’s gamesArea III 52, Area I 32Area I 61, Andersen Air Force Base 39Guam National Team 52, Andersen Air Force Base 27Area III 51, Andersen Air Force Base 25Guam National Team 64, Andersen Air Force Base 22Guam National Team 2, Area I 0, walkover

Double-elimination playoffsThursday’s gamesGame 1—Guam National Team 90, Andersen Air Force Base 33Game 2—Area III 58, Area I 50Friday’s gamesGame 3—Guam National Team vs. Area III, 8 p.m.Game 4—Area I vs. Andersen Air Force Base, 8 p.m.Saturday’s gamesGame 5—Game 3 loser vs. Game 4 winner, 2:30 p.m.Game 6—Game 3 winner vs. Game 5 winner, 6:30 p.m.Game 7—Game 3 winner vs. Game 5 winner if Game 3 winner loses Game 6, time to be announced


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