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Interservice softball2009 Firecracker Shootout Interservice Softball TournamentAt Gunners Fitness Center Softball Fields, Camp Foster, Okinawa

Men’s double-elimination playoffs

Saturday’s gamesGame 1-Club Red, Okinawa, 22, Endus, Okinawa, 9Game 2-Camp Casey/Area I, South Korea, 14, Yokota Air Base, Japan, 4Game 3-Misawa Outlaws, Japan, 11, Master Batters, Okinawa, 10Game 4-Honcho Dragons, Japan, 14, Paddy Mac’s, Okinawa, 2Game 5-Camp Humphreys, South Korea, 15, Club Red 4Game 6-Camp Casey/Area I 8, Yellow Box, Okinawa, 5Game 7-Yongsan Garrison, South Korea, 9, Misawa Outlaws 8Game 8-American Legion, Okinawa, 11, Honcho Dragons 2Game 9-Master Batters 11, Club Red 5; Club Red eliminatedGame 10-Yellow Box 9, Paddy Mac’s 2; Paddy Mac’s eliminatedGame 11-Misawa Outlaws 17, Endus 2; Endus eliminatedGame 12-Honcho Dragons 8, Yokota Air Base 1; Yokota Air Base eliminatedGame 13-Yellow Box 7, Master Batters 4; Master batters eliminatedGame 14-Honcho Dragons 15, Misawa Outlaws 9; Misawa Outlaws eliminatedGame 15-Camp Humphreys 12, Camp Casey/Area I 2Game 16-American Legion 16, Yongsan Garrison 11Game 17-Honcho Dragons 8, Camp Casey/Area I 7; Camp Casey/Area I eliminatedGame 18-Yongsan Garrison 8, Yellow Box 4; Yellow Box eliminatedGame 19-American Legion 15, Camp Humphreys 9Game 20-Yongsan Garrison 13, Honcho Dragons 6; Honcho Dragons eliminated

Sunday’s gamesGame 21-Camp Humphreys 13, Yongsan Garrison 12; Yongsan Garrison eliminatedGame 22-American Legion 22, Camp Humphreys 5; Camp Humphreys eliminated

Sunday’s championship summary

American Legion 22, Camp Humphreys 5Camp Humphreys..........120 020 0-5 11 2American Legion..........564 232 x-22-29-4Batting-American Legion, Robert Gullett 4-for-5, 2 HR, 5 RBI; Dan Miller 4-fot-5, 3 RBI; Will Twaddell 3-for-4, SF, 3 RBI; Chris Souza 3-for-4, SF, 3 RBI; Chris Stevens 3-for-5, 2B, 3B, 2 RBI; George Isla 2 RBI; Richie Krause 2 RBI. Camp Humphreys, Des Ray 4-for-4, SB, RBI; Scotty Proffitt 2 RBI.


Most Valuable Player-Chris Stevens, American Legion.All-Tournament coach-John O’Brien, American Legion.All-Tournament team-Chris Stevens, Will Twaddell, Richie Krause, American Legion; Jose Alicea, Des Ray, Camp Humphreys; Elmer Mason, Yongsan Garrison; Kinsey Tucker, Misawa Outlaws; Tim Dawsey, Master Batters; James Packard, Honcho Dragons.

Women’s double-elimination playoffs

Saturday’s gamesGame 1-Osan Air Base, South Korea, 12, Camp Humphreys, South Korea, 3Game 2-Yard Busters, Okinawa, 15, Okinawa Typhoons 0Game 3-Yongsan Garrison, South Korea, 13, Camp Casey/Area I, South Korea, 9Game 4-Pitchslap, Okinawa, 19, Osan Air Base 2Game 5-Yokota Air Base, Japan, 7, Misawa Outlaws, Japan, 3Game 6-Camp Humphreys 15, Okinawa Typhoons 0; Okinawa Typhoons eliminatedGame 7-Misawa Outlaws 8, Osan Air Base 5; Osan Air Base eliminateGame 8-Yongsan Garrison 12, Yard Busters 6Game 9-Camp Casey/Area I 8, Camp Humphreys 7; Camp Humphreys eliminatedGame 10-Pitchslap 16, Yokota Air Base 0Game 11-Yard Busters 16, Misawa Outlaws 6; Misawa Outlaws eliminatedGame 12-Yokota Air Base 8, Camp Casey/Area I 7; Camp Casey/Area I eliminatedGame 13-Pitchslap 12, Yongsan Garrison 3Game 14-Yard Busters 15, Yokota Air Base 1; Yokota Air Base eliminated

Sunday’s gamesGame 15-Yard Busters 9, Yongsan Garrison 0; Yongsan Garrison eliminatedGame 16-Yard Busters 11, Pitchslap 0Game 17-Yard Busters 10, Pitchslap 3; Pitchslap eliminated

Sunday’s championship summaries

Yard Busters 11, Pitchslap 0Yard Busters..........332 003 0-11 14 0Pitchslap..........000 000 0-0 5 9Batting-Yard Busters, Abbi Willing 2-for-3, SF, 3 RBI; Amanda Garcia 2-for-3, BB, SB, 2 RBI; Brandi Kirkpatrick 3-for-4, RBI.

Yard Busters 10, Pitchslap 3Yard Busters..........152 200 0-10 16 1Pitchslap..........201 000 0-3 13 3Batting-Yard Busters, Amanda Garcia 2-for-4, 2B, 2 RBI; Flandirs Files 2-for-2, SB, 2 RBI. Pitchslap, Kenni Godwin 2-for-3, 2 RBI; Angelina Clayburn 3-for-3, RBI.


Most Valuable Player-Brandi Kirkpatrick, Yard Busters.All-Tournament coach-Lance Jones, Yard Busters.All-Tournament team-Flandirs Files, Tiffani Carritt, Abbi Willing, Yard Busters; Marcy Erickson, Angelina Clayburn, Pitchslap; Jennifer Trombley, Maria Garcia, Yongsan Garrison; Paulette Montgomery, Camp Humphreys; Amanda Maestas, Osan Air Base; Natalie Gregg, Yokota Air Base; Kim Alston, Misawa Outlaws.

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