South KoreaGirls volleyballKAIAC Division I TournamentAt Falcon Gym, Seoul American H.S. South Post, Yongsan GarrisonThursday’s, Friday’s matchesMatch 1-Seoul American def. Seoul International 25-16, 25-21, 25-15Match 2-Yongsan International-Seoul def. Korea International 21-25, 25-22, 25-22, 20-25, 16-14Match 3-Osan American def. Daegu American 25-22, 25-15, 28-26Match 4-Seoul Foreign def. Taejon Christian International 25-11, 25-16, 25-15Match 5-TCIS def. KIS (first set score unknown), 25-21Match 6-Daegu def. SIS 25-19, 25-16Match 7-SFS def. YIS-Seoul 25-13, 25-14, 25-14Match 8-SAHS def. Osan 25-19, 25-10, 22-25, 27-25Match 9-TCIS def. Daegu 22-25, 25-23, 15-8Match 10-SFS def. SAHS 25-15, 25-23, 25-17Friday’s summaryChampionshipSeoul Foreign def. Seoul American 25-15, 25-23, 25-17Spike kills-SFS, Brittney Rader 18 in 35 attempts, Ariel Rhoda 14 in 31 attempts. Serving-SFS, Brittney Rader 20-for-22, Meganne Benger 15-for-16, Ariel Rhoda 12-for-12. Assists-SFS, Estela Rocha 35. Defensive digs-Brittney Rader 10, Ariel Rhoda 7. Noteworthy-Seoul Foreign won the KAIAC regular-season championship, Asia-Pacific Activities Conference and KAIAC Division I titles, going 20-0 and winning all 60 sets.AwardsMVP-Brittney Rader, Seoul ForeignCoach of the Year-J.P. Rader, Seoul ForeignBest Hitter-Brittney Rader, Seoul ForeignBest Setter-Laura Vega, Osan AmericanBest Passer-Ariel Rhoda, Seoul ForeignBest Server-Brittney Rader, Seoul ForeignAll-Conference teamAriel Rhoda, Brittney Rader, Estela Rocha, Meganne Benger, Seoul Foreign; Destinee Harrison, Liz Gleaves, Seoul American; Celine Baldevia, Laura Vega, Osan American; Il Jee Kam, Korea International; Tammy Kim, Yongsan International-Seoul; Rachel Kim, Seoul International; Rebekah Wyche, Daegu American; Helen Ji, Taejon Christian International.All-Tournament teamAriel Rhoda, Brittney Rader, Natalie Stallings, Meganne Benger, Seoul Foreign; Destinee Harrison, Liz Gleaves, Seoul American; Celine Baldevia, Laura Vega, Osan American; Il Jee Kam, Korea International; Jessi Son, Yongsan International-Seoul; Rachel Kim, Seoul International; Rebekah Wyche, Daegu American; Emily Lee, Taejon Christian International.TennisKAIAC Boys TournamentAt Yongsan International School-SeoulNo. 1 singles drawQuarterfinalsAlex Kim, Seoul International, def. James Lee, Korea International, 8-0Andrew Park, Taejon Christian International, def. Chong Lee, Seoul American, 8-5Charles Lee, Yongsan International-Seoul, def. Russel Midomaru, Daegu American, 8-4Ted Bolton, Seoul Foreign, def. Dustin Caranci, Osan American, 8-0SemifinalsKim def. Park 8-0Bolton def. Lee 8-0ChampionshipKim def. Bolton 8-5No. 2 singles drawQuarterfinalsChris Richardson, Seoul Foreign, def. Dylan Stewart, Osan American, 8-2Abe Nelson, Seoul American, def. Patrick Buehl, Daegu American, 8-4Ryan Park, Yongsan International-Seoul, def. Jungsoo Kim, Seoul International, 8-0Terry Lee, Taejon Christian International, def. Daniel Lee, Korea International, 8-1SemifinalsRichardson def. Nelson 8-4Park def. T. Lee 8-3ChampionshipRichardson def. Park 8-4No. 3 singles drawQuarterfinalsDaniel Han, Seoul Foreign, def. Daniel So, Taejon Christian International, 8-2Robin Kim, Seoul International, def. Sam No, Daegu American, 8-4Joshua Kim, Seoul American, def. Jason Cho, Korea International, 8-2Daniel Cho, Yongsan International-Seoul, def. Erik Kuster, Osan American, 8-0SemifinalsHan def. R. Kim 8-6D. Cho def. J. Kim 8-2ChampionshipD. Cho def. Han 8-6No. 1 doubles drawQuarterfinalsHsien Chang and Alex Hong, Seoul Foreign, def. Joemar Villalon and Jung Uk Sin, Osan American, 8-1Brian Kim and Youngha Woo, Korea International, def. Matthew Fisher and Josh Colson, Seoul American, 8-3Joon Lim and Steven Song, Yongsan International-Seoul, def. Seungmin Choi and Dong-hyun Kim, Taejon Christian International, 8-5Vincent Taeho Kim and Andrew Lee, Seoul International, def. Matthew Hwang and Taka McDougal, Daegu American, 8-1SemifinalsChang and Hong def. B. Kim and Woo 8-4V.T. Kim and Lee def. Lim and Song 8-1ChampionshipChang and Hong def. V.T. Kim and Lee 8-5No. 2 doubles drawSemifinalsAndrew Lee and Jun Lee, Yongsan International-Seoul, def. Jay Park and Daniel Kim, Korea International, 8-5David Jung and David Chai, Seoul International, def. Peter Lee and Jonathan Lee, Seoul Foreign, 8-6ChampionshipJung and Chai def. A. Lee and J. Lee 9-7AwardsTeam champion-Seoul Foreign. Runner-up-Seoul International and Yongsan International-Seoul.Coach of the Year-Ryan Kuhl, Seoul ForeignAll-Conference teamTed Bolton, Chris Richardson, Daniel Han, Hsien Chang, Alex Hong, Seoul Foreign; Charles Lee, Ryan Park, Daniel Cho, Andrew Lee, Yongsan International-Seoul; Alex Kim, Robin Kim, Seoul International; Andrew Park, Taejon Christian International; Chong Lee, Seoul American; James Lee, Korea International; Russel Midomaru, Daegu American; Dustin Caranci, Osan American.All-Tournament teamNo. 1 singles-Alex Kim, Seoul International; Ted Bolton, Seoul Foreign.No. 2 singles-Chris Richardson, Seoul ForeignNo. 3 singles-Daniel Cho, Yongsan International-SeoulNo. 1 doubles-Hsien Chang, Alex Hong, Seoul ForeignNo. 2 doubles-David Jung, David Chai, Seoul InternationalKAIAC Girls TournamentAt Seoul Int’l School, SeongnamNo. 1 singles drawQuarterfinalsKennedy Allen, Seoul American, def. Christine Chun, Yongsan International-Seoul, 8-1Laura Konecne, Osan American, def. Caroline Kim, Seoul Foreign, 9-8 (7-5)Sejin Paik, Korea International, def. Amy Kim, Daegu American, 8-1Ernie Song, Taejon Christian International, def. Patricia Kim, Seoul International, 8-6SemifinalsAllen def. Konecne 8-2Paik def. Song 8-0ChampionshipPaik def. Allen 8-6Noteworthy-First loss for defending KAIAC and Far East champion Allen since she arrived at Seoul American in September 2007.No. 2 singles drawQuarterfinalsEllie Fry, Seoul Foreign, def. Hannah Moon, Osan American, 8-2Melissa Bruhnke, Seoul American, def. Jennifer Song, Seoul International, 8-5Sooyoung Hwang, Korea Internatonal, def. Betty Lee, Daegu American, 8-1Cecilia Kay, Yongsan International-Seoul, def. Sinny Choi, Taejon Christian International, 8-2SemifinalsFry def. Bruhnke 8-2Hwang def. Kay 8-0ChampionshipHwang def. Fry 8-5No. 3 singles drawQuarterfinalsNathalie Versavel, Seoul Foreign, def. Seoyeon Benton, Osan American, 8-0Jacqueline Nguyen, Seoul American, def. Lucia Jeong, Taejon Christian International, 8-4Rachel Yoo, Korea International, def. Christine Kim, Yongsan International-Seoul, 8-2Victoria Lagat, Daegu American, def. Stephanie Choi, Seoul International, 8-5SemifinalsVersavel def. Nguyen 8-3Yoo def. Lagat 8-1ChampionshipYoo def. Versavel 9-7No. 1 doubles drawQuarterfinalsKim and Mathieu, Seoul Foreign, def. Sparks and Lee 8-2Kim and Kim, Seoul American, by walkoverKristin Kim and Doyun Kim, Seoul International, def. Thompson and Clark, Daegu American, 8-0Kang and Choi, Korea International, def. Lim and Lee, Yongsan International-Seoul, 8-2SemifinalsKim and Mathieu def. Kim and Kim 8-2K. Kim and D. Kim def. Kang and Choi 8-4ChampionshipK. Kim and D. Kim def. Kim and Mathieu 9-7No. 2 doubles drawQuarterfinalsKang and Myaeng, Taejon Christian International, by walkoverBae and Lee, Korea International, def. Roh and Murphy, Seoul American, 8-3Schmalohr and Kim, Seoul Foreign, def. Benton and Moon, Osan American, 8-1Koh and Lee, Seoul International, def. Song and Kim, Yongsan International-Seoul, 8-1SemifinalsBae and Lee def. Kang and Myaeng 8-6Schmalohr and Kim def. Koh and Lee 8-2ChampionshipSchmalohr and Kim def. Bae and Lee, score unavailableAwardsTeam champion-Korea International (12 points). Runner-up-Seoul Foreign (9 points). Third place-Seoul American (5 points).MVP-Sejin Paik, Korea International.Team Sportsmanship Award-Taejon Christian International.Coach of the Year-Bruce Martin, Seoul International.All-Conference teamNathalie Versavel, Chelsea Kim, Magali Mathieu, Jana Schmalohr, Seoul Foreign; Sejin Paik, Sooyoung Hwang, Rachel Yoo, Helen Kang, Korea International; Kennedy Allen, Melissa Bruhnke, Seoul American; Kristin Kim, Doyun Kim, Seoul International; Ernie Song, Taejon Christian International; Amy Kim, Daegu American; Cecilia Kay, Yongsan International-Seoul; Laura Konecne, Osan American.

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