It wasn't easy, but Lindsey Vonn finally got to South Korea for the Winter Olympics

By CINDY BOREN | The Washington Post | Published: February 8, 2018

For Lindsey Vonn, the hardest part of getting to the Olympics this week was actually getting to the Olympics.

The American skier live tweeted what turned out to be a journey of more than 24 hours from Munich to Pyeongchang. The holdup was a lack of documentation - for the Lufthansa plane, not the 2010 downhill gold medalist, her dog Lucy or anyone else. Vonn's Airbus A340, she told ESPN, was one of 15 around the world that were grounded for the same problem.

Finally, passengers, including several from Australia, Italy and Germany, were transferred to another plane and, after waiting 90 minutes, they were airborne.

"I want to sleep so bad but I have to wait until we take off," Vonn texted ESPN. "You never know what's going to happen!"

Vonn used the time to turn what was to have been a 14-hour journey into a social media adventure as the ski star updated her feeds.

Along the way, Lucy, already an internet sensation, became a meme for the journey.

"Lucy is a little terrified. LOL I think that it's by this 24-hour journey. What do you think," she posted with a photo of her stressed-out pup.

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